AI Technology Revamping Drug Development! VIRTUALMAN to Demonstrate Powerful Solutions in BIO Asia-Taiwan 2021

by Kathy Huang
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VIRTUALMAN, a Taiwan-based AI company from National Taiwan University, will announce two new AI solutions for drug development in the upcoming BIO Asia-Taiwan event.


Advantages of AI Solutions: Making Drug Development More Predictable and Much Faster


“The need to quickly identify novel compounds, and push compounds through the discovery obstacles into the trial is huge for all pharmaceutical companies,” Professor Yufeng Jane Tseng, co-founder of VIRTUALMAN pointed out. Many pharma companies have put lots of resources into lengthy drug development processes.

And that’s why VIRTUALMAN designed their two major solutions: ADDD (AI-Driven Drug Development) platform and a cloud-based SaaS. The ADDD platform combines anticipated properties of the potential compounds, reducing the risk of drug failure by analyzing efficacy and safety before entering pre-clinical trials. Furthermore, the ADDD platform takes multiple biological and chemical properties into account and generates ideal compounds more precisely.

The traditional method in the process requires huge involvement of experienced talents and costs a lot. But it yields little. Introducing ADDD platform can shorten the development progress from months to within one month, solving the problem of insufficient talents and low yields simultaneously.


Cutting down Pre-Clinical Costs via All-in-one Platform


VIRTUALMAN’s another powerful cloud-based SaaS can be used to check the properties of potential compounds. It provides not only basic information including the compound’s toxicity, absorption and metabolism but also customized endpoints. With the support of the predictions, developers can efficiently launch clinical trials. On top of that, the platform operates automatically without any server, personnel, and maintenance costs.

Yun-Cheng Tien, CEO of VIRTUALMAN, mentioned that cloud-based SaaS can select suitable candidate compounds over hundreds of thousands of compounds, which saves money and workforce to a large degree.

Also, he said that many pharmaceutical companies apply VIRTUALMAN’s cloud-based SaaS before entering clinical trials. By doing so they make a double assessment of the candidate drugs and improve the success rate in an efficient way.


AI Technology Opens up New Era of Drug Development


On average, pharmaceuticals costs USD 3-5 million in pre-clinical phase. Without a doubt, the trend of AI drug development has continued to rise. Large pharmaceuticals have sufficient resources building their own AI teams and systems to conduct effective drug development. On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises usually lack budgets to invest in AI transformation.

Introducing AI solutions represents a better strategic move for small and medium-sized companies. They can be benefited from reduced costs while significantly accelerating their AI transformation.

During BIO Asia-Taiwan 2021, VIRTUALMAN will showcase its technology on a webinar on July 22nd 10 A.M. (GMT+8) and they also participate in BIO one-on-one partnering. They will share experiences in AI drug development and new strategy under the AI trend.

virtualmanai webinar


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