2022-10-11| Funding

Andera Partners Drums Up $443 Million For Its Largest Life Sciences Fund

by Joy Lin
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Andera Life Sciences, the business arm overseeing Andera Partners’ therapeutics and medical technologies, has raised €456 million ($442.7 million) for its BioDiscovery 6 fund. The sixth generation of BioDiscovery Funds is Andera’s largest yet and was joined by investors old and new, including funds, insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, private investors, and pharmaceutical companies.

The new fund will help Andera manage its portfolio of drug and medical technology developers across all stages of development in Europe and the US. To date, BioDiscovery 6 has supported or led the financing rounds of six companies including Evommune, Amolyt, TargED, Tubulis, Mineralys, and Imcheck. The amount invested by Andera Life Sciences ranges from €5 million to €35 million.  

In a press release, Andera Life Sciences partners (Sofia Ioannidou, Olivier Litzka, Gilles Nobécourt, Jan Van den Bossche, Raphaël Wisniewski) commented: “The acceleration of our funds’ development demonstrates investors’ growing interest in financing medical innovation. For over twenty years, Andera Life Sciences’ support for companies has resulted in over twenty treatments being made available to patients and their doctors. This is the work that we wish to continue.” 

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BioDiscovery Fund Investments 

The BioDiscovery fund series has raised over €1.1 billion since its establishment and has made investments in over 80 European and North American therapeutics and medical technology companies. The funds have seen over forty exits including Covidia, Arielle, Sanifit, and ReViral, as well as IPOs such as Axonics and Nyxoah. 

More recently, Andera celebrated the acquisition of one of its investment targets, LogicBio, by AstraZeneca’s Alexion for $2.07 per share. 

The fourteen-strong Andera Life Sciences team is led by five partners, Sofia Ioannidou, Olivier Litzka, Gilles Nobécourt, Jan Van den Bossche, and Raphaël Wisniewski, combining veteran experience in the life sciences industry, private equity, and venture capital.


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