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BIO Asia-Taiwan 2022: Connecting the Asian Value Chain

by Aurora Mau
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Taiwan Biotech Industry Organization announced that BIO Asia-Taiwan 2022 is going to be held on July 21-31, both onsite and online, with the topic – Connecting the Asian Value Chain. Over 550 biotech companies and industry professionals from more than 30 countries are expected to attend.


Connecting the Innovation, Market, Supply, and the Value Chain of Asia


Johnsee Lee, the honorary chairman of the Taiwan Biotech Industry Organization, first stated that the supply chain and CDMO of the biotechnology industry have become a trending topic since the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, “Connecting the Asian Value Chain” will be the topic of the BIO Asia-Taiwan for this year, presenting the innovation, market, supply chain, and investment value chain of biotechnology in Asia. By connecting local businesses with the global market, Taiwan will play a key role in the world’s biotechnology industry.

Apart from the innovative fusion of technology worldwide, the biotechnology market, and investment trends, the organization also invited international speakers to share their insights on other trending topics, such as supply chain and CDMO model, when ICT meets biotechnology, and the future of pandemic prevention.


Connecting the CDMO Model with the International Supply Chain


The COVID-19 pandemic affected the global supply chain and medicine market tremendously. For the first time ever, the organization invited executives from Sanofi and industry leaders from Taiwan to share their views on the CDMO series regarding biologics, cell therapy, and small molecular drug manufacturing, combined with current CDMO trends and opportunities worldwide.


When ICT Meets Biotechnology


When it comes to the innovation of biotechnology and technology, professional speakers will introduce a comprehensive solution combining nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and high-speed calculation, providing the industry with new market insight.


Preparing for the Future Pandemic


COVID-19 has stirred the pot of the biomedical industry; therefore, the convention will share how the biotech industry supplies the future pandemic in three dimensions, including tests, vaccines, and drugs.


Multi-Region Forum, Introducing the Feature of the Biotechnology Industry in Japan, the U.K., and Australia


Another highlight of the BIO Asia-Taiwan 2022 is the Regional Collaboration Forum. Japan, the U.K., Australia, India, and Singapore will hold their own biotechnology forum, introducing the strength of each country’s biotechnology industry as well as companies.

Japan will present its science park, while the U.K. will focus on cell therapy and IT service. Australia is expected to include several clinical trial companies in the

convention, India will introduce its manufacturing services, and Singapore will present the topic on start-up training.


The Novel Focus: Synthetic Biology, Gene and Cell Therapy


In the Regional Collaboration Forum, James C. Liao, the head of Academia Sinica, will share how gene-editing technology has contributed to Net Zero Emissions; while the synthetic biologist from MIT, Tim Lu, will share how to gain funding successfully during a pandemic, and collaborate with big companies to promote the application of synthetic biology.

Regarding the revolutionary technology in therapy, the Asian-Pacific business manager of cell and gene therapy from Novartis will share how their CAR-T product achieved the world’s first approval, as well as their global business strategy. Meanwhile, the chief medical officer of IQVIA, the CRO company, will present the clinical trial trend in the world’s gene and cell therapy.

Other sessions in this forum also include other critical fields in the biotechnology industry, such as advanced therapies, digital health, investment, and collaboration.


1-1 B2B matchmaking to promote the connection to global


The number of global pharmaceuticals joining this event is increasing, showing the influence of BIO Asia. Johnsee Lee also hopes that holding BIO Asia-Taiwan both onsite and online can promote collaboration with international biotech companies and enlarge the market.


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