2024-07-03| BIO Asia-Taiwan 2024

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2024 Set to Showcase Global Biotech Industry Talent on July 24th

by Bernice Lottering
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BIO Asia–Taiwan 2024, co-hosted by BIO and Taiwan BIO, explores global biotechnology opportunities with an Asian perspective through its three main tracks: the Innovation Forum, Investment Summit, and Regional Cooperation Forum, alongside various engagement sessions including an Exhibition, One-on-one Partnering sessions, Company Presentations, and Themed Seminars. Image Source: BIO Asia official website (

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2024, jointly organized by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and Taiwan Bio Industry Organization, will kick off on July 24th and run through to the 28th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, TaiNEX 1 and 2. This year’s event introduces three separate focus tracks, with the Exhibition set to accommodate over 900 leading companies across 2,200 booths. Moreover, the One-on-one Partnering program has already secured bookings from more than 500 local and international firms seeking networking and collaboration opportunities.

The Investment Summit at BIO Asia–Taiwan 2024

BIO Asia–Taiwan 2024, co-hosted by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (Taiwan BIO), adopts the theme ‘Global View, Asian Touch.’ This year, the conference is set to highlight international biotechnology opportunities through an Asian perspective. It features three tracks: an Innovation Forum, an Investment Summit, and a Regional Cooperation Forum. Additionally, BIO Asia–Taiwan hosts an Exhibition, One-on-one Partnering sessions, Company Presentations, and Themed Seminars, fostering comprehensive industry engagement.

Johnsee Lee, Chairman of the BIO Asia–Taiwan 2024 organizing committee, noted a significant increase in exhibition bookings, forum participation, and registrations on the one-on-one partnering platform this year, marking the sixth edition of the conference. This year, the event has expanded to include three major tracks: a three-day Innovation Forum, a two-day Investment Summit, and a three-day Regional Cooperation Forum.

The Investment Summit will feature presentations from 50 companies across the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Taiwan, focusing on the latest investment trends. These trends include new drug development, digital healthcare, AI applications in clinical trials, and medical imaging. Noteworthy participants include Flagship Pioneering from the US, Prime Ventures from Switzerland, Vivo Capital from the US, Syncona from the UK, aMoon from Israel (the country’s largest pharmaceutical venture capital fund), Pegasus Tech Ventures from the US, DCI Partners from Japan, and Axil Capital Partners from Switzerland. Other participants hail from Taiwan, Singapore, the UK, and Israel, all of which demonstrate the large global interest in the summit.

mRNA Therapies, AI Developments, Precision Health and More Industry Trends to be Showcased at the Innovation Forum

Further, the Innovation Forum at BIO Asia–Taiwan 2024 will spotlight key industry trends like regenerative medicine, ADC drugs, AI applications in drug development, mRNA therapies, CDMOs, biopharmaceuticals, translational medicine, precision health, and digital health. Renowned international speakers include Tom Diethe, AstraZeneca AI Center head, discussing deep learning in drug development; Yusuke Nakamura, President of Japan’s NIBIOHN, on new therapies; and Paru Deshpande, Vice President at Belgium’s IMEC, addressing bioconvergence as the fusion of biology and technology.

Currently, Taiwan’s imminent adoption of two major regenerative medicine laws has prompted BIO Asia–Taiwan 2024 to invite Miguel Forte, President of International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT), to share global insights on regenerative medicine trends at the Innovation Forum. Here, many local and international cell and gene therapy firms, including Japan’s Fujifilm, the UK’s Syncona, and Taiwanese companies such as the newly-formed Taiwan Bio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (TBMC), Ever Supreme Bio Technology, Arce Therapeutics, Bionet, UnicoCell Biomed, Mitek Lab, ACRO Biomedical, ChainHome Biotech will participate. Ultimately the increasing overall interest in this field demonstrates Taiwan’s growing role in the biotech sector.

Cutting-Edge Developments in Antibody-Drug Conjugates and Gene/Cell Therapies at BIO Asia

Alongside various research developments, this year’s event promises interesting discussions surrounding groundbreaking advancements in Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and gene/cell therapies. ADCs, poised to revolutionize cancer treatment and other diseases, will be a key focus. Despite their potential, ADC development and manufacturing remain complex and challenging.

Here, a dedicated session, moderated by Lee-Cheng Liu, President of EirGenix, will provide comprehensive industry insights. Experts including Edward Hsieh, VP of R&D at Formosa Laboratories; Heidi Wang, CEO of OBI Pharma; and Gur Roshwalb, Partner at aMoon, will discuss ADC development, regulatory, and investment issues, offering strategies to overcome these challenges.

Then, in another session, the rise in gene and cell therapy approvals will be examined. While these therapies show promise, accessibility and affordability remain hurdles. This session will cover updates on development, bioprocessing, clinical trial design, and investment. Speakers include Dr. John Tsai, CEO of Forcefield Therapeutics and Executive Partner at Syncona; Dr. David Chang, General Manager of Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation; Dr. Alex Huang, Head of Cell Therapy at BeiGene; Maggie Ho, COO of Amarex Taiwan; and Dr. Gur Roshwalb, Partner at aMoon.

Following the success of BIO held in San Diego this year, BIO Asia promises to be a treasure trove of biotech insights. GeneOnline will be live at the event, bringing you the latest developments across all 5 days. taiwan fishing boat, liberty times taiwan, taiwan basketball league, micron stock price, what is taiwan known for, time taiwan, time in taiwan, taiwan semiconductor

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