Company Presentations at BIO 2024 Inspire Partnering

by Bernice Lottering
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BIO 2024 presentations strategically showcased work, attracted partnerships, and engaged an interested audience.

The BIO International Convention is a premier event that drives the biotechnology industry through networking and partnering opportunities. This year’s convention in San Diego from June 3-6 promised to continue this tradition, building on the success of previous years. Last year’s event in Boston saw over 20,000 attendees from academia, biotech, and various industries engage in more than 57,000 meetings, showcasing the immense potential for collaboration.

The Importance of Partnering and Presenting

One of the most effective ways to boost visibility and secure meetings with potential partners at BIO 2024 is through company presentations. Emily Longvall, Manager of Industry Research and Education at BIO, emphasizes this point: “Historically, presenting companies scheduled twice as many partnering meetings as companies that did not present.” This trend explains why company presentations have been increasingly popular, with a record 265 presentations in 2023, leading to a sold-out status and a waitlist.

Mackensie Vernetti, BIO’s Vice President of Partnering, highlights the complementary nature of presentations and partnering meetings at BIO events. “The presentation provides the opportunity to communicate a company’s work and innovation to a room of peers and potential investors and partners, and partnering meetings allow for more intimate conversations among interested parties,” she says.

Developmental Stages and Partnerships Explained

Biotech firms consistently pursued partnerships throughout their development stages, thriving on a model where small, innovative companies teamed up with larger firms to bring their innovations through approval and to market. They didn’t just focus on mergers and acquisitions; they actively sought venture deals, institutional agreements, licensing partnerships, vendor contracts, and other collaborative arrangements.

The BIO One-on-One Partnering System played a crucial role in facilitating these partnerships at the BIO International Convention. By allowing companies to share their profiles and specify the types of partnerships they needed ahead of the event, the system made it easier to schedule meetings. It matched available times for both parties and reserved meeting spaces in San Diego, ensuring that companies presenting at BIO 2024 had this noted in their profiles to attract potential partners.

Emily Longvall highlighted the varied motivations for companies to present: “Common reasons for presenting include looking for investors, looking for partners seeking to license a product, or looking for partners as scientific collaborators.” Additionally, some companies presented to share significant news, such as the outcomes of recent clinical trials or the introduction of new programs and products.

Companies presented at the convention with various motivations, including seeking investors for financial backing, searching for licensing partners interested in their products, looking for scientific collaborators for research and development, and sharing news such as recent clinical trial results, new programs, or products.

Strategic Meeting Areas Facilitate One-on-One Partnerships and Presentations

Presentations at BIO 2024 attract a varied audience, including those looking for partnerships and those interested in learning about companies’ activities. Some attendees use presentations as a way to evaluate companies before deciding on a private meeting. The setup for these presentations includes a structured application process, a dedicated space, and advice for presenters to make their talks engaging and accessible.

Attendees flocked to presentations at BIO 2024 for a variety of reasons. Many came from diverse backgrounds with the primary goal of forming partnerships, while others were simply keen to learn about the activities of different companies. Some attendees chose to watch presentations instead of scheduling formal partnering meetings, driven by curiosity about a company but uncertain if a private meeting was necessary. After the presentations, they had the chance to speak directly with the presenter and could still request a formal meeting through the partnering system if needed.

The presentation setup at the San Diego convention featured four theaters strategically located between the exhibition hall and the one-on-one meeting area. This convenient arrangement ensured easy access for attendees moving between different sections of the event. The BIO One-on-One Partnering System facilitated effective meetings, attracting partners and investors. Presenters aimed to secure investors, partners, collaborators, and share news. Overall, BIO 2024 presentations strategically showcased work, attracted partnerships, and engaged an interested audience. California-based biotechnology giant NYT, National Security Commission on Emerging Biotechnology, coruscate, trends in biotechnology impact factor, accutar biotechnology.California-based biotechnology giant NYT, National Security Commission on Emerging Biotechnology, coruscate, trends in biotechnology impact factor

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