2021-07-19| Asia-Pacific

CYTENA Launches the Next-Generation Microbioreactor to Revolutionize Cell Culture

by Tyler Chen
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CYTENA Bioprocess Solutions, a CELLINK company, launches S.NEST, a high throughput microbioreactor with a monitoring system that maximizes cell growth, reduces workflow time, and turns data into valuable insights.

Cell culture plays a critical role in drug discovery, selection, and biologics manufacturing. CYTENA emphasized that “S.NEST revolutionizes the way to do cell cultures with its unique technology to increase efficiency and productivity for biologics production, drug screening, and functional genomics studies.”

With the patented reciprocating mixing technology, S.NEST enables cells to grow in suspension cultures with optimal growth space and oxygen supply, releasing the lab from weeks of work for cell upscaling and expansion. 

Its incubation chambers have individual environmental settings and are compatible with four 96-well or 24-well culture plates, demonstrating high cell cultivation. What’s more, the camera module in the microbioreactor provides real-time pH and dissolved oxygen monitoring during cell growth. Besides, the software embedded in the system is able to transform monitored data into research insights, maximizing efficiency and value.

S.NEST™ microbioreactor

The next-generation microbioreactor is an important innovation for cell line development, and it certainly has huge potential in cell culture research. The bioreactor has been testified by worldwide users that it can increase cell growth, delivering better results. In addition, with the real-time monitoring system, S.NEST becomes the next-generation microbioreactor that provides valuable insights to boost cell line development. From now on, S.NEST will continue to upgrade and provide laboratories with highly efficient cell culture breakthroughs.

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