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February 4th 2020, World Cancer Day

by GeneOnline
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By Yulia Abushinova

The World Health Organization (WHO) renders cancer as one of the leading causes of mortality with reports of 7 million global deaths each year. Statistics have registered 24.6 million living cancer victims and have projected a grim 16 million new cases and 10 million deaths annually by 2020.

Key Points to Remember
1. One-third of most common cancers are preventable and many can be cured through screening procedures if detected ahead of time. The benefits of early detection are indisputable.
2. For several cancers, there are warning signs and symptoms. As busy as you may be, taking the time to undergo check-ups and speaking with your doctor can help minimize the risk.

World Cancer Day
February 4th, observed as the World Cancer Day aims to raise global awareness about prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer and is organized annually by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), a global consortium of more than 470 cancer-fighting organizations in over 120 countries, since 2006. It receives support from various partners and organizations, including the WHO, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and other international bodies.

It’s an important day to call people, governments, businesses, researchers, health-care professionals, patients, industry partners, and the media to unite in a strong alliance to fight cancer and educate the general public to learn more about early signs, detection, and prevention. Each year, more than 900 activities take place every year in over 100 different countries. This year’s World Cancer Day’s theme is “I Am and I Will,” and puts the focus on commitment to act against the disease. The initiatives seek to reduce the illness and deaths caused by cancer to one-third by 2030 by spreading awareness.



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