Illumina Reveals NovaSeq™ X Series at the Illumina Genomics Forum

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SAN DIEGO, Sept. 29, 2022 /Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ: ILMN) announced the launch of the NovaSeq™ X Series (NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus) at the Illumina Genomics Forum today. The new production-scale sequencers will expand the boundaries of genomic medicine though sequencing that is faster, more powerful, and more sustainable. NovaSeq X Plus can generate more than 20,000 whole genomes per year at a price of $200 per genome. The acceleration will allow for new genomic discoveries that will lead to a grander understanding of disease and greatly impacting patient lives. In addition, the NovaSeq X Series boasts an ambient shipment range of -20-50. 

Illumina Sequencer

Illumina redefined every aspect of prior sequencers, building the NovaSeq X Series from the ground up with revolutionary new technology. “To propel life-saving discoveries and drive better patient outcomes at scale, we needed a new type of sequencer that could revolutionize genomics as we know it. This is why we set out to disrupt the status quo and build the technology from the ground-up, introducing fundamentally new chemistry, higher-resolution optics, ultra-dense flow cells, and more,” said Alex Aravanis, Illumina’s Chief Technology Officer. “With brand new chemistry and underlying hardware and software, along with the ability to combine genomics innovations on a single platform, NovaSeq X sets a new standard in sequencing technology, while enabling discoveries and patient outcomes we never thought possible.”

The NovaSeq X Series features astounding improvements in waste reduction In comparison to the previous NovaSeq 6000, these cutting edge sequencers feature an overall 90% reduction in packaging waste and weight and 50% reduction in plastic usage. Largely this is achieved through biodegradable packing constituted of sugar cane. 

About Illumina

Illumina’s mission is the improvement of human health through the boundless information inside of the genome. A global leader in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies, Illumina serves their customers across research, clinical, and applied markets. To learn more, visit and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.


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