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ITALY Pavilion Offers Immense Value at BIO ASIA-TAIWAN 2020 – ONLINE

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The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has been representing Italian biotech companies to bridge relations with the Asian biotech sector. One successful participation was during this year’s BIO Asia-Taiwan event. The ITA presented 7 leading Italian biotech companies. The ITALY pavilion encompassed innovative companies to well-established biopharma and science parks, all showing much excellence. With breakthrough technologies, clinical advances, new drug development, and high-quality manufacture, the ITALY pavilion was one of the spotlights in this year’s company presentation.

3DIFIC S.r.l. is a medical 3D printing company that uses video editing to display 3D imaging generated from equipment such as ultrasonic, CT scan, and MRI. The output is then segmented using computer software to build 3D images, and the circulatory system and organs are emphasized by marking them with different colors. Finally, they also employ 3D printing technology to construct replicas for medical needs.

The BIOINDUSTRY PARK SILVANO FUMERO S.p.a. is the largest biotech cluster in the Piedmont region. It helps accelerate innovation processes by working with production, manufacturing, research centers, universities, and polytechnics. Bioindustry Park’s primary focus is on biomedicine developing both diagnostic equipment and pharmaceuticals. It promotes opportunities for institutions, local and international companies, clusters, and other science parks to cooperate and form partnerships. With over 500 professionals and 76,000 square meters of the total surface, it is an outstanding example of public-private cooperation that combines industrial capacity and general interest.

In recent years IBSA FARMACEUTICI S.r.l. Italia has increasingly become a significant economic and scientific company in the Italian pharmaceutical sector. Over the years, IBSA has invested more than 50 million euros in its production lines in Italy. It is state-of-the-art, both from the perspective of technology used and environmental sustainability. Today IBSA Farmaceutici Italia guarantees a vast number of products, ranging from people’s wellbeing to care and prevention, and covers 12 main therapeutic areas: Cardiometabolic, Dermatology, Dermo-aesthetic, Endocrinology, Human Reproduction, Osteoarticular, Pain and Inflammation, Respiratory, Urology, Ophthalmics, Otorhinolaryngology and Consumer Health.

For biopharmaceutical and med-tech companies looking to adopt a global business development strategy, PHARMA & BIOTECH ADVISORS S.r.l CEO Paolo Barbanti shared the current status of biopharma research in Italy. Among European countries, Italy’s biotechnology development is ranked No. 3, with a strong foundation and ecosystem. As an international consultant, PHARMA & BIOTECH ADVISORS S.r.l works with biopharmaceutical and med-tech companies helping its clients solve problems in strategy, operations, organization, and change. They advise firms’ in-licensing and alliances, portfolio management, and emerging therapeutic/technological areas. They believe they will be a great partner for any Asia biotech company that aspires to expand its reach in Europe.

In the cell biotechnology field, REMEMBRANE S.r.l.’s technology includes envisaging the cell membrane network and its lipid composition as a cornerstone of cell physiology. Remembrane designs and manufactures customized in vitro Lipid supplementation, which is suitable for any cell type and in vitro protocols to help cell therapies such as vaccine or antibody production, or advancement in cell culture. They are looking to connect with research organizations and investment opportunities.

SYNAPTICOM S.r.l.‘s patented active ingredients are supported by preclinical and clinical research combined with innovative formulas, which are now widely used in therapy. They apply their technology to shampoos or skincare products with extremely high effectiveness and advantages, bringing biotech to daily life. Their research results generated a “Drug-non-Drug” product platform adding higher scientific value, thereby opening up a whole new market. Their most advanced pharmaceutical technology enables them to improve the bioavailability and effectiveness of the preparation creating high market potential.

VERA SALUS RICERCA S.r.l. is an innovative biopharma company based in southern Italy founded more than 6 years ago. In its presentation, the company introduced its 2 major components, proprietary research, and CRO research. Its core capability is to discover best-in-class drug candidates that originated from natural compounds with expertise including nutraceuticals, food, agriculture, and animal health. They are looking for clients interested in those fields to do research and develop IP strategies.

According to the official statistics from Italy, in the first half of 2020, there were more than 700 steadily growing biotech companies with investments in biotech research exceeding 770 million euros. Almost half of them are focusing on healthcare, and around 39% are focusing on development in manufacturing, environment, animal health, and agriculture. Italy is one of the top European countries in terms of growth and investment capability. This year Italian pavilion helped delegates from Italy join BIO Asia-Taiwan, with average partnering of 2-6 companies, providing international collaboration opportunities without boundaries.



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