JelloX Biotech Present Digital Health Solutions at 2024 U.S. BIO Convention in San Diego

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JelloX Biotech is invited to 2024 U.S. BIO Convention

JelloX Biotech is set to participate in the U.S. BIO Convention at San Diego from June 3rd to June 6th, where JelloX’s CEO, Dr. Yen Yin Lin, has been invited to speak at a session on digital health solutions in Asia. This session, titled “Empowering Real-World Patient-Centric Digital Health in Asia.”

Addressing Tumor Heterogeneity in Cancer Diagnosis

A major challenge in precise cancer diagnosis is tumor heterogeneity, the uneven distribution of cancer biomarkers within tissue. Traditional biopsy methods only allow pathologists to examine a mere 2μm-4μm of tissue thickness. This limited view, combined with the high variability in biomarker distribution, means that doctors often only see a small part of the overall picture. As precision medicine advances, there is a growing need for diagnostic techniques that can fully capture the complexity of tumor biology, enabling more accurate and personalized treatment plans.

JelloX’s MetaLite: A Breakthrough in Digital Pathology

Powered by Intel, JelloX’s MetaLite is the first GPU-less image and data analysis platform. This innovative solution not only lowers the high cost barriers by eliminating the need for GPUs but also enhances the ease of integration with edge AI solutions, allowing healthcare organizations to tailor AI implementations to their specific needs. JelloX’s technology has been selected for inclusion in the 5th cohort of the Mayo Clinic and ASU Medtech Accelerator. Additionally, their studies have been acknowledged at the 2024 Roche Diagnostics Tucson Symposium and the 10th Digital Pathology & AI Conference. These accolades underscore JelloX’s significant contributions to the fields of digital pathology and precision medicine.

About JelloX Biotech

JelloX Biotech, a Taiwanese startup, specializes in 3D digital pathology imaging with AI analysis. Their technology significantly increases the sampling rate, enabling pathologists to observe at least 100 times more information than conventional 2D methods, resulting in more comprehensive and accurate diagnoses. The additional data, compared to traditional methods, makes it more efficient to utilize AI’s computational power to analyze the vast amount of information.

For more information about JelloX, please contact them via email or LinkedIn. If you are attending the U.S. BIO Convention, JelloX invite you to visit our booth (#1917) and connect with them!

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