KriSan Biotech Expands ADC CrDMO Services to Global Biotech Companies

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KriSan Biotech, a leading provider of comprehensive CDMO (contract, development, and manufacturing organization) services rooted in Taiwan, is thrilled to announce its participation in the BIO International Convention 2024. The event will take place from June 3rd to 6th at the San Diego Convention Center.

KriSan is expanding its capabilities and capacity to establish an end-to-end ADC (antibody-drug conjugate) platform, aiming to forge strategic alliances with global biologic companies, like Mycenax Biotech (IPO 4726 –TW) or the sponsor’s preferred partner. This initiative encompasses all stages from linker-payload selection and scale-up to GMP production and beyond. KriSan Chairman Dr. Rongjin Lin highlighted the potential in this field, stating, “With over 500 ADC drugs in preclinical stages and the global ADC drug market projected to reach $40 billion by 2028, there is significant opportunity. However, Asia still lacks comprehensive ADC development and manufacturing facilities, making it a hotbed for next-generation CDMO services.”

In response to this opportunity, KriSan is offering CrDMO (contract research development and manufacturing organization) services specifically tailored for early-stage ADC development companies. Leveraging Krisan’s expertise in small molecule design and development and forming strategic alliances with global biologics companies such as Mycenax Biotech for large molecule capabilities, KriSan aims to meet clients’ needs by delivering flexible ADC development services. These services include linker-payload selection, development and manufacturing of linker-payloads, and bio-conjugation. By forming strategic partnerships with large molecule CDMOs like Mycenax, we can offer a seamless one-stop experience, combining our expertise in small molecules with large molecule capabilities.

Since 2023, KriSan has been providing linker-payload. To support ADC projects, KriSan’s facility in Tainan Science Park has been expanded and is now facilitating clients’ ADC development and production as of Q2 2024. Additionally, KriSan is establishing a second plant in Biotech Center in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, which will be ready to launch ADC products in 2025.

End-to-End Solutions:CrDMO (contract research development and manufacturing organization) Services

Since its establishment in 2015, KriSan Biotech has excelled in delivering customized solutions for complex drug development and manufacturing. With over 20 years of pioneering expertise, KriSan offers comprehensive CDMO services across diverse areas, particularly in complex small molecules, drug conjugation technologies such as ADCs and PDCs (peptide-drug conjugates), and oligonucleotides with lipid-based carrier systems.

Unmatched Capacity: With capabilities ranging from linker-payload 10mg – 3kg to ADC DS 10mg – 1 kg and ADC DP 1000 – over 5000 vials, we’re equipped to handle ADC projects of any scale.

Committed to exceptional customer service, KriSan covers the entire drug development cycle, from process feasibility and optimization, scale-up, GMP production, and regulatory support to commercialization (approximately 100 kg-scale). The facility is PIC/S GMP certified and compliant with global quality standards. Having partnered with biopharma companies worldwide, KriSan has supplied over 100 molecules, supporting more than 50 clients across the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia, and Taiwan. Drawing on its extensive experience and knowledge, KriSan continually streamlines upstream and downstream collaborations to drive clients’ projects toward clinical studies and commercialization. KriSan aims to be a leading CDMO in small molecules and ADCs.

KriSan Biotech is eager to connect with global biotech companies to explore potential opportunities in CrDMO services. We invite you to visit us at Booth #1817, Taiwan Pavilion, Hall B, to learn how our one-stop CDMO services can facilitate the development of your projects.

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