2019-08-06| Interviews

Paving the New Path for Endometriosis Detection —An interview with Dr. Vivian Yang, CEO of V-CHECK Biomed

by GeneOnline
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Endometriosis is the condition where the endometrium-like tissue grows beyond the uterus, and abnormally adheres to the ovaries, peritoneum, colon, bladder, and ovarian ducts. These abnormal tissues share many qualities with the endometrium. They thicken and shed away along with the menstruation cycle, however, they do not get excreted from the body easily. The remaining debris irritates the body and causes pelvic inflammation, organ adhesions, and even resulting in infertility. The prevalence of endometriosis among fertile women is approximately 10-15%, but that among infertile women can reach up to 23-40%, indicating the significance of this condition in infertility. That being said, most people are oblivious to endometriosis, and little has progressed over the years in methods of detection, diagnostics and treatment.

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