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Quion Licenses Two Rare Skin Disease Candidates to Hong Kong WinHealth

by Joy Lin
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Quion is licensing two rare disease candidates to Hong Kong WinHealth Pharma Group, which could help the Virginia-based pharma break into the Greater China market. 

The partnership concerns Quion’s lead candidate QRX003, a topical lotion for Netherton Syndrome, a disorder characterized by abnormal skin shedding and a compromised skin barrier caused by the lack of the LEKTI protein, and QRX004 for Epidermolysis Bullosa, a group of rare inherited skin disorders that lead to fragile skin. 

QRX003 received IND clearance from the US FDA in April, and is expected to enter clinical testing this quarter. The drug contains a broad-spectrum serine protease inhibitor designed to perform the function LEKTI. According to Quion, daily application of QRX003 will lead to more normalized shedding of the skin and the formation of a stronger and more effective skin barrier.

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Choosing Partners For Asia and Europe


WinHealth will obtain rights to distribute the two products in the Greater China region, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. With the latest agreement, Quion has established licensing partnerships for QRX003 in nearly 60 countries. 

WinHealth has extensive experience in bringing rare disease products to the China and Southeast Asia markets, explained Quion CEO Dr. Michael Myers. 

Their roster of global partnerships is a testament to their commitment to serving the rare disease community and Quoin is excited at becoming the latest addition to this stellar list, he added.

Companies that have partnered with WinHealth include Taiwan’s TWi Biotech, for an epidermolysis bullosa candidate, and Immedica Pharma, for Ravicti, a drug indicated for urea cycle disorders. 

Beyond Asia, Quion has partnered with ER-Kim to distribute QRX003 in 21 Central and Eastern European countries. For Russia, Quion has chosen Orpharm to distribute QRX003.

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