2019-07-23| Asia-Pacific

Recognizable Italian Pharmaceuticals Consolidated in BIO  Asia-Taiwan Seeking Global Opportunities

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BIO Asia-Taiwan, organized by Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (BioTaiwan), with over 1400 booths and 18 international pavilions. Among those pavilions the Italian pavilion, leading by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and FederSalus will be showcasing 10 recognizable medical and health organizations presenting Italian’s medical industry strength. The 10 companies are: Aurora Bioform, Biohealth, Erbaflor, Euronational, IBSA Group, LIMHEALTH, Montefarmaco, Pharma Line, Phytoitalia, and Salix.

According to the statistics from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the biotech industry has progressed a market growth of US$165 billion since 2017, which makes Taiwan an important market for European companies when making expandation into the Asia Market.

Italian biotech and pharmaceutical industries have shown great performances in recent years. Both established in 1945, Montefarmaco and IBSA Group are the major highlights inside the Italian pavilion. Since established, Montefarmaco has been dedicated to improving the quality of life through prevention, alleviation, and disease treatmentation, while pursuing innovative and original products. Now having sales points in 20 countries, it has launched various patented packaging products, such as seal caps for dietary supplements with U.S. and E.U. patents, are available for third-party purchase. Privately owned with innovative management system, IBSA Group has created impressive yearly sales with products in different areas, and has become the fourth largest operator in the field of fertility. On the other hand, fast growing startups like Aurora Biofarma and LIMHEALTH have potentials in food supplements and pharmaceutical industry with ambition for international exportation.

With its continuous investments in scientific researches, Euronational provides innovative yet natural and effective solutions to frequent issues in general internal medicine, food supplements, skin beauty, and medical devices. Erbaflor provides natural food and nutrition supplements interpreted from ancient medicine, traditional remedies, solar energy and hypoallergenic cleanser products. Focusing on nutrition supports, Biohealth takes a new model in medicine to maintain the proper body acid-base balance and the physical health of the genitourinary system. Pharma Line, with respect for doctors, patients, and the value of lives and innovations, expands its market value via food supplements and medical devices. Phytoitalia produces and exports globally patented raw materials based on natural medicinal plants or nutraceutical products. Also on the research side, Salix provides a full one-stop service solution for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, including in-vitro studies, analysis, testing, and advisory.

To face the global rising trends of biotechnology, the representative companies will showcase their exclusive food supplements and packaging technologies during BIO Asia-Taiwan, seeking international partnerships and global cooperation opportunities. The Italian pavilion welcomes further discussion and connection at Booth #L418.


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