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RESILIENCE Launches with an Aim to Overcome Limitations of Traditional Manufacturing

by Sangeeta Chakraborty
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In an effort to overcome one of the biggest challenges of the biopharma industry, RESILIENCE—a first-of-its-kind manufacturing and technology company—launched yesterday, aiming to revolutionize biopharma manufacturing that can broaden the access to complex medicines and protect pharma supply chains against disruption.

Manufacturing is one of the biggest challenges the pharmaceutical industry faces in bringing new treatment modalities to market—and Resilience is focusing to overcome exactly that hurdle.

The new biotechnology company has raised over $800 M in a recent Series B led by ARCH Venture Partners and 8VC. The company, which will span the U.S., Canada, and partner nations, brings together some of the leading investment firms in healthcare and biosciences. The founding team is made up of CEO Rahul Singhvi, former operating partner at Flagship Pioneering; President, COO & CFO Sandy Mahatme, former CFO at Sarepta Therapeutics and SVP Finance & Corporate Development at Celgene; and Vice Chairman Patrick Yang, former EVP at Juno Therapeutics and EVP & Global Head of Technical Operations at Roche/Genentech.

The Goal

RESILIENCE aims to create a unique ecosystem for complex medicine manufacturing by providing faster, flexible, and safer solutions from pre-clinical development to commercial supply. Utilizing flexible and adaptive facilities, including regulatory capabilities, to manufacture products of the highest quality, the company announced that it plans to serve partners of all sizes, and in doing so, it ensures that its partners can instead focus on important R&D.

RESILIENCE will dramatically increase production capacity keeping supply chains functional with the central idea of making drugs and therapies accessible to patients in need. Resilience’s platform will support products ranging across cell and gene therapies, viral vectors, vaccines, and proteins. As potential COVID-19 treatments and vaccines are getting approved but are available only in limited supply, perhaps it’s more needed than ever that limitations of traditional manufacturing capabilities be circumvented so that everyone can access the treatment.

“We created RESILIENCE to reimagine biopharmaceutical manufacturing through unprecedented investment in technology and a best-in-class team to execute our vision,” said Robert Nelsen, RESILIENCE founder, Chairman of the Board, and managing director at ARCH Venture Partners. “COVID-19 has exposed critical vulnerabilities in medical supply chains, and today’s manufacturing can’t keep up with scientific innovation, medical discovery, and the need to rapidly produce and distribute critically important drugs at scale. We are committed to tackling these huge problems with a whole new business model.”

Headquartered in San Diego and Boston, RESILIENCE has secured multiple revenue-generating facilities and over 750 thousand square feet of operating space that will come online over the next year.

By Sangeeta Chakraborty, Ph.D.

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