SINBON and MAKALOT partner to drive cross-industry textile wearable adoption

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Digital technology is playing a transformative role in our everyday life, shaping not only how we interact with the world around us but also ourselves. The impact of this trend is most prevalent when examining the wellness landscape, where consumers continue to embrace technologies such as wearables, AI, and other digital technologies to improve their health and everyday life. According to the latest study by McKinsey, the global wellness market is estimated to be worth $1.8 trillion by 2024, with the U.S. market alone reaching $480 billion this year, growing at 510 percent per year. The key trends that will define this $1.8 trillion wellness markets include digital health, next gen wearable technologies and Gen AI. 

To cater to this growing market, SINBON and MAKALOT have partnered to bring the benefits of textile wearables to industries worldwide. SINBON and MAKALOT’s unique Soft Electronics/Textile product creation platform provides a comprehensive development, validation to production service for brands aiming to launch textile wearable products into global markets. As a first step, the companies have collaborated with a U.S. fitness tech startup to introduce a revolutionary EMS home fitness suit to the U.S. market this year. Going forward, SINBON and MAKALOT plan to leverage the Soft Electronics/Textile product creation platform to expand their services to partners across multiple industries including Medical, Industrials and Consumers.

A new era of Electronics/Textile collaboration
A critical pain point for any ambitious company that wants to launch a revolutionary product is finding the right partner that it can count on for innovations, flexibility, speed and quality. SINBON and MAKALOT’s Soft Electronics/Textile product creation platform offers exactly what a startup needs and more. SINBON and MAKALOT first joint project involved developing a one-of-a-kind smart EMS home fitness suit with an U.S. fitness tech startup. The product aims at providing the world’s most efficient workout experience by leveraging the technology of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Unlike any traditional EMS training product, which requires a trip to a studio and the physical presence of a trainer, this revolutionary product democratizes access to the transformative power of EMS by integrating every required hardware into a single suit, including the connectors, wire harness and electrode pads. The suit is a FDA Class II medical device and entirely machine washable.

Choosing to work with SINBON/MAKALOT, this fitness startup had successfully launched their products and achieved critical acclaim by being named one of the Best Inventions in 2023 by Time. All of the electronic components were developed by SINBON to be soft, flexible and machine washable; these components were then integrated seamlessly into the garment using MAKALOT’s textile/electronic integration technology. Unlike most wearable that cannot survive a washing machine, every suit is built to withstand rigorous wear and tear and multiple laundry cycles; going through rigorous testing to ensure reliability, durability and functionality in SINBON/MAKALOT in-house testing facility including bending, swinging, abrasion, tensile strength and washing tests in accordance with IEC, ASTM and AATCC standards. Furthermore, custom testing fixture, tools and software were developed and built by SINBON to support suit production IQC and FQC to ensure final products’ functionality and quality. Finally, SINBON/MAKALOT’s experience and expertise in medical device development and production has ensured that the product is developed and manufactured in accordance with the highest standard of ISO-13485 medical device quality management system.

Cable Assembling Line at SINBON Factory | Image: SINBON Electronics Co., Ltd.

Automated Sewing Line at MAKALOT Flagship Factory| Image: MAKALOT Industrial Co., Ltd.
Automated Sewing Line at MAKALOT Flagship Factory| Image: MAKALOT Industrial Co., Ltd.

The vision: Textile Wearable for all industries
The Companies envision a future where the benefits of textile wearables empower users across multiple industries, including Medical, Industrials and Consumers. “We are excited about the potentials and opportunities that textile wearables might bring. For example, textile can integrate with robotic and AI technology to create soft exoskeleton suits that not only can augment human capabilities in various ways, including rehabilitation for patients with mobility issues or injury prevention for workers in labor-intensive industry such as manufacturing or logistics, but also provide comfort and ease of use for the users.” says Jimmy Chou, Product Innovation Manager at MAKALOT. With SINBON’s industry-leading technology solutions in the Medical, Automotive, Green Energy, Industrial, and Communication sectors, it continues to innovate, turning vision into reality, while also upholding its commitment to corporate social responsibility and striving to be a sustainable enterprise, combined with MAKALOT’S textile/electronic integration solution, the sky is the limit for SINBON/MAKALOT’s Soft Electronics/Textile product creation platform and exciting future awaits as more innovations are on the horizon!

Warehouse Worker Wearing Futuristic Exosuit | Image: Adobe Stock
Warehouse Worker Wearing Futuristic Exosuit | Image: Adobe Stock

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