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Spotlight on Startups! LuminX – Nano-diamond for Cell Labeling and Tracking

by GeneOnline
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LuminX is a startup company established in 2020. It provides preclinical one-stop solutions for therapeutic cells. While tracking cells in vivo through traditional methods such as PCR or imaging only provide very limited information. Those products lack accurate and rapid pre-clinical cell pharmacokinetic verification. Therefore, when cells are used as drugs in organisms, how to monitor cell positioning, quantification effectively, and validation analysis are significant challenges. The CEO of LuminX, Dr. Harry Su, applied the Nano-diamond technology developed from Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University into a one-stop cell pharmacokinetic testing platform, providing cell GPS positioning in vivo after cells are injected into the organism. It has six significant advantages:

1. Can be used in large animal models (pigs)
2. PK/PD of transplanted-cells
3. Background-free imaging
4. Single-cell detection sensitivity
5. High throughput quantification
6. No interference with cell potency

Currently, they have cooperated with many hospitals, including Kaohsiung Medical University, National Taiwan University Hospital, National Taiwan University, Taipei Medical University, and have contracts with several clinical trial service CRO companies.

Since its establishment, LuminX has won several awards for innovative projects, including being selected for the 2020 Digital Health International Accelerator Team, DCB International Innovation Accelerator, and more. This year’s BIO ASIA-TAIWAN LuminX is also selected as the Innovation team by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

To learn more about LuminX’s technology, please visit them during BIO Asia-Taiwan this week or join virtually in the company presentation.

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