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Taiwan Donates Cryogenic ISO Tanks to Aid India’s COVID Crisis

by Tyler Chen
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The second wave of COVID-19 has overwhelmed India’s healthcare system. With 300,000 new cases reported every day, the country faces a severe shortage of oxygen in hospitals. Many nations around the world have come to India’s aid with donations of medical supplies.

On May 5th, Taiwan donated 15 cryogenic ISO tanks from Hsing Mien Industry Co. to further alleviate India’s COVID surge. The donation made by the Taiwan representative of India’s Adani Group was ably supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in conjunction with the Taoyuan City Government and India Taipei Association. This follows last week’s shipment of 150 oxygen concentrators and 500 oxygen cylinders, which got delivered to India on Sunday.

Dr. Jaushieh Joseph Wu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, assured that Taiwan will continue to support India in the fight against the pandemic and will ensure Taiwanese residing in India have access to treatment.

Each ISO tank is equal to 2,000 oxygen cylinders and worth over 20 million NTD (over $700,000) in total. Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan noted that the 15 tanks are scheduled to be shipped to India within the following two weeks, considering the size and weight. Furthermore, the ISO tank is compatible with oxygen concentrators sent earlier to maximize the efficiency of the equipment. This underscores the successful cooperation between Taoyuan city and the Adani Group.

Taiwan is cooperating closely with India and other like-minded partners in strengthening the global response to the pandemic. This involves sharing related know-how and resources in a timely manner, Dr. Wu noted. In recent times, Taiwan has been steadily increasing its investments in India, displaying a growing collaboration potential between the two countries.

Adani Group’s Taiwan representative Chien-Ting (Morris) Chang thanked those who helped with the donation and hoped the gesture could create more cross-nation collaborations between India and Taiwan in culture, business, or religion.

Adani Group’s Taiwan representative Chien-Ting (Morris) Chang

ITA Director-General Gourangalal Das pointed out that Taiwan has shown great results in the pandemic and shared its experience and skills with the world. The first batch of aid consisting of oxygen concentrators and cylinders have arrived in India and distributed to local healthcare units. For that, he thanked Taiwan’s support and wished the COVID-19 crisis could be curbed in the near future.

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