Taiwan’s Biotech and Pharma Delegation: Innovations Take Center Stage at BIO 2024

by Oscar Wu
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Taiwan's Biotech and Pharma Delegation Innovations Take Center Stage at BIO 2024, Source: GeneOnline

Taiwan’s biotechnology industry is making a significant impact at the 2024 BIO International Convention in San Diego. Organized by the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office (BPIPO) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Taiwan delegation includes representatives from various government bodies, research institutions, and over 60 delegates.

Taiwan Delegation Fostering Global Collaborations and Innovations

The delegation aims to showcase Taiwan’s biotech innovations and expand global business operations through international partnerships. At the Taiwan Pavilion, cutting-edge technologies and products will be highlighted, fostering cross-border technological and commercial collaborations.

The Taiwanese delegation at BIO 2024 highlights the country’s dynamic biotechnology sector and its contributions to global healthcare advancements. With innovative solutions ranging from cancer therapies to AI-driven medical devices, Taiwan’s biotech companies are forging international partnerships and expanding their market reach.

The BIO International Convention serves as a pivotal platform for these companies to showcase their cutting-edge technologies and foster global collaborations. This fruitful event yielded over 1,250 matchmaking meetings, and some on-site business collaborations, including order placement, MOU signings, and NDA signings.

Based on the information provided, GeneOnline wrapped up eight prominent companies showcasing their innovative solutions (other companies please see our US-BIO-FOCUS special articles).

Tanvex BioPharma: Leading the CDMO Service Landscape

Tanvex BioPharma debuts at BIO 2024 with its “Tanvex CDMO” brand, offering a comprehensive one-stop CDMO solution. Partnering with local firms like Alcami and Argonaut, Tanvex provides services from upstream to downstream, including ADC CDMO capabilities. Chairman Chen Linzheng emphasizes Tanvex’s expertise in cancer treatment and antibody drug development, bolstered by their FDA-compliant GMP facility in the U.S. Tanvex’s participation underscores its commitment to expanding its CDMO service chain and enhancing drug development timelines.

KriSan Biotech: Expanding ADC Capabilities

KriSan Biotech presents its end-to-end ADC platform, aiming to partner with global biologics companies. With a focus on linker-payload selection, scale-up, and GMP production, KriSan addresses the growing ADC market. Chairman Dr. Rongjin Lin highlights KriSan’s expertise in small molecule design and strategic alliances, including the expansion of their facility in Tainan Science Park to support ADC projects. KriSan’s participation marks a significant step in becoming a leading CDMO for small molecules and ADCs.

Everfront Biotech: Pioneering Cancer Treatment

Everfront Biotech showcases its latest drug development achievements, particularly the innovative treatment for glioblastoma, Cerebraca® Wafer. This FDA-designated orphan drug offers localized, sustained drug delivery post-surgery, overcoming the blood-brain barrier. Clinical trials indicate a median survival period significantly higher than existing treatments. Everfront’s focus on unmet medical needs and orphan drug development positions it as a key player in pioneering cancer therapies.

Simpson Biotech: Innovative Yeast Expression Platform

Simpson Biotech introduces its proprietary yeast expression system for recombinant protein production. This platform utilizes patented Starch Binding Protein for cost-effective, scalable protein purification. Simpson Biotech’s versatile expression system supports various applications, including food enzymes and medical proteins, and has already seen commercial success with global enzyme companies. Their participation at BIO 2024 highlights their commitment to transforming research outcomes into viable market solutions.

Caliway Biopharmaceuticals: Advancing Clinical Trials

Caliway Biopharmaceuticals presents its lead pipeline candidate, CBL-514, showing promising results in reducing subcutaneous fat and treating Dercum’s disease and cellulite. With Phase 2 studies demonstrating significant efficacy, Caliway aims to leverage the BIO International Convention to attract international partnerships and further clinical advancements. Their focus on medical aesthetics and inflammatory diseases showcases their innovative approach to biopharmaceutical development.

AB DigiHealth: AI-Driven Fertility Solutions

AB DigiHealth unveils its AI software medical device, icONE, designed to enhance fertility treatments. The system predicts the best embryos for implantation with a 92% accuracy rate, accelerating infertility treatment processes. Having received FDA Class I software medical device registration, icONE is set to make a significant impact in the U.S. market. AB DigiHealth’s collaboration with global partners and their focus on precision maternal-fetal medicine highlight their technological prowess.

PrecisemAb Biotech: Universal Antibody Lock Technology

PrecisemAb Biotech showcases its Universal Antibody Lock technology, enhancing the safety and efficacy of antibody drugs. This platform is applicable to various antibody drug formats, including ADCs and bispecific antibodies. Chairman Yu Yunqi emphasizes the technology’s potential in reducing drug side effects and increasing therapeutic effectiveness. PrecisemAb’s participation aims to expand their international collaborations and market presence.

MoleculeX: Innovative Oral Care Solutions

MoleculeX Co., Ltd. presents its bioadhesive patch for cancer-induced oral mucositis care. This innovative product has received Taiwan FDA approval and is poised for international market expansion. MoleculeX’s technology offers effective mucosal wound care, improving the quality of life for cancer patients. Their participation at BIO 2024 underscores their commitment to advancing supportive cancer care solutions.

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