2022-06-30| Startups

US Bio-Entrepreneur Program Launches in the UK

by Joy Lin
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Nucleate, a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating future biotech leaders, has announced its expansion into the UK, and will begin operations in London, Oxford, and Cambridge.

The venture has seen great interest among graduate scientific trainees and business students wanting to start a business in the biotech industry. Later this year, it will initiate a biotech accelerator program to educate and support aspiring students on their biotech journey. 

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Program Validation and Expansion 


Founded in 2019, Nucleate has validated its flagship accelerator program in 10 cities across the US, including Boston, San Francisco, New York, and Houston. Called the Activator program, it begins with grouping individual participants into teams, which will attend workshops. The teams also receive mentorships from a wide range of experts, including investors, academics and industry leaders. The efforts culminate in a final pitch showcase before a panel of judges. 

The program has birthed over 100 companies that have raised over $152 million in funding for projects such as protein sequencing (Glyphic), drug discovery (Manifold Bio), RNA synthesis (EnPlusOne) and microbial fertilizer (Ivu Biologics).

Nucleate has since stepped outside the US, launching in Switzerland and the UK, with additional incubators planned in other countries such as Israel and Japan. In the UK, the organization has plans to add additional locations beyond the existing three within a year. 

“I believe that Nucleate UK has the potential to transform the biotech entrepreneurship landscape in the United Kingdom” said Miroslav Gasparek, co-Managing Director of Nucleate UK.

The UK leadership team includes Stephanie Avraamides, Director of Operations, MPhil candidate at the University of Cambridge and Abhimanyu Gowda – Director of Strategy and BA candidate at the University of Cambridge.


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