WuXi Biologics Acquires Bayer’s Drug Manufacturing Facility in Wuppertal

by Tyler Chen
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Following the Bayer manufacturing plant buyout in Leverkusen, Germany in January, Shanghai-based WuXi Biologics is now going to end the year with another plant acquisition from Bayer.


$ 183 Million Buyout

On December 21, WuXi Biologics entered into an agreement with Bayer for obtaining the Drug Substance manufacturing site at Wuppertal with a deal close to $183.3 million (€150 million). Both parties are planning on initiating a long-term sublease agreement and transition service contract.

It is the second time in 2020, WuXi Biologics gains a pharmaceutical factory in Germany.


The Role of Manufacturing Site in Wuppertal

MFG19 located in Wuppertal, Germany is around 30,000 square meters and equipped with 3x1000L perfusion and 6x2000L fed-batch capacity with independent downstream suites.

Purchase of MFG19 will complement the Leverkusen plant (DP7) to strengthen its supply chain to deliver more COVID-19 vaccines and other biologics. Also, MFG19 will be used for commercial manufacturing to meet the increasing demand globally.

Both procured sites are estimated to get into motion by 2021, and the transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2021.


About WuXi

WuXi Biologics provides a proprietary one-stop open-access biologics technology platform. It’s used to discover, develop, and manufacture biologics from concept to manufacturing.

WuXi Biologics has around 286 integrated projects by June 30. 141 projects are in the pre-clinical development stage, 125 in early-phase clinical trials, 19 projects in Phase 3 trials, and one is currently in the manufacturing stage.

By Tyler Chen

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