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Taiwanese Hospitals Make Strong Showing in “World’s Best Hospitals” Ranking

by Oscar Wu
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In the recent “World’s Best Hospitals 2024” ranking, a prestigious collaboration between Newsweek and Statista, Taipei Veterans General Hospital has been distinguished as Taiwan’s leading medical institution, earning the coveted spot as the only hospital from Taiwan to be ranked among the top 250 hospitals globally. This recognition is a testament to the hospital’s excellence in healthcare services and its commitment to providing outstanding patient care.

(Source: newsweek; Organize: GeneOnline)

Rigorous Evaluation Behind the Global Ranking

The “World’s Best Hospitals 2024” ranking is an authoritative list that identifies the premier hospitals worldwide, based on a comprehensive evaluation process. 

This process includes the collection of recommendations from more than 85,000 healthcare professionals, alongside patient satisfaction surveys, to ensure a balanced and informed assessment of each hospital’s performance.

Taipei Veterans General: Exceptional Care, Global Recognition

Taipei Veterans General Hospital’s achievement of ranking 218th on a global scale underscores its exceptional quality of care and service to patients. 

Furthermore, the hospital’s distinction highlights the overall strength of Taiwan’s healthcare system, as evidenced by the evaluation of 35 Taiwanese hospitals in this year’s ranking.

Last year, National Taiwan University Hospital also made its mark by ranking 249th globally.

Taiwan’s Top 5 Hospitals: Setting the Standard for Excellence

The top five hospitals in Taiwan, as identified in the ranking, are Taipei Veterans General Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, and Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. 

These institutions exemplify the high standards of healthcare excellence found across the country.

The Purpose of the Ranking: Empowering Patient Choice

The purpose of the “World’s Best Hospitals” ranking is to provide individuals with reliable information to help them make informed decisions when choosing a hospital for themselves or their loved ones. 

The ranking evaluates hospitals based on several critical criteria, including peer recommendations, patient experiences, quality indicators, and the implementation of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs).

Featuring hospitals from 30 countries and regions, the ranking reflects a diverse array of healthcare systems and infrastructures. The inclusion of Taiwan’s 35 ranked hospitals underscores the country’s robust healthcare offerings and its capacity to deliver high-quality medical services across various institutions.

This recognition of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, along with the other top-ranking hospitals in Taiwan, serves as a beacon of the country’s dedication to healthcare excellence and innovation. 

It reinforces Taiwan’s position on the global healthcare stage, demonstrating the effectiveness and quality of its medical services and institutions.

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