2018-03-13| Asia-Pacific

Bainbridge Investments Bids for Healthcare Industry and Advanced Technology in Taiwan

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By Joanne Shih

Nick Chini, Chairman and CEO of Bainbridge Investments, a US direct private equity investments company, stated that Bainbridge is optimistic about investing in Taiwan’s healthcare and entertainment industries and plans to participate in bidding for the Gate of Taipei, a skyscraper development in Taipei, in combination with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR). In addition, the strong foundation in medical system and healthcare in Taiwan also attracts Bainbridge to deploy Taiwan’s healthcare market.

Nick said that Bainbridge has evaluated the market in Taiwan for many years and decided to set up three major projects in Taiwan, including bidding for the Gate of Taipei real estate investment, entering healthcare industry, and setting up an AI Forum in Taiwan.

Nick asid, “We not only see the Gate of Taipei real estate investment, but also are optimistic about Taiwan’s high-tech and biotechnology industries.” Therefore, the company plans to invest in the healthcare industry in Taiwan intending to merge the technologies in healthcare and medical care with commercial real estate, leisure facilities, restaurants, department stores, or studios to build a giant hospitality development.

Bainbridge Investments has a professional advisory group for all phases of planning, design and construction, and has extensive experience with projects in the United States, Abu Dhabi and China. Considering the Gate of Taipei as not only a national development but also an important hub for Southeast Asia and Asia, Nick has faith in this investment will bring in more opportunities, and will target on the top 500 companies in the world once they take the bid.



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