2021-07-16| China

China’s Everest Medicines Partners with Tech Giant Tencent to Develop Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

by Kathy Huang
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According to statistics, total digital health industry funding worldwide in 2020 reached 13.9 billion USD. The huge number is closely related to the pandemic, forcing many health providers to shift to digital solutions and kicking the industry’s digital transformation.

On July 12th, China’s Everest Medicines announced a strategic partnership with Tencent, a global technology company, to develop digital health solutions and optimize digital engagement with patients and healthcare providers in Greater China.


Using Digital Tools to Raise Disease Awareness

According to the deal, the two companies will work together to expand their own expertise in two aspects: developing disease information platforms and health management tools.

In view of the low disease awareness in China, the two companies will develop information platforms focused on diseases like cancers, kidney diseases, and severe infectious diseases to engage more patients who were out of reach in physical clinical settings. In addition, Everest Medicines will contribute its clinical developments in oncology, autoimmune disorders, cardio-renal diseases, and infectious diseases to raise disease awareness in these fields.   


Building Accessible Health Management Ecosystem

The two companies will also build a one-stop patient management ecosystem, helping the healthcare carry out disease management ranging from diagnosis to treatment in a more information-sufficient way.

Also, they will take advantage of artificial intelligence and business intelligence tools to better identify patients’ profiles and provide guidelines for healthcares’ treatment they adopt.

“This partnership with Tencent, a global technology powerhouse, is a critical part of our overall commercial strategy,” said Kerry Blanchard, Ph.D., CEO of Everest Medicines. “It will enable us to leverage the power of digital transformation, technology, and data to strengthen our market position and ensure patients and healthcare providers in Greater China have greater access to the information and medicines they need.”

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