Complete Genomics Launches Full Sequencing Platforms at Biotech Showcase™ 2023

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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Complete Genomics Inc (, a subsidiary of MGI Tech Co., Ltd. ("MGI"), today unveiled its full sequencing platforms at Biotech Showcase during JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Week 2023. Rade Drmanac, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, announced "free three-month trial" program and "reagent rental leasing" program, giving customers the opportunity to experience the quality and reliability of its products before purchasing them.

Founded in 2006 in Silicon Valley, Complete Genomics is a leading innovator of high-throughput sequencing technologies, with end-to-end multi-omics platforms including genetic sequencing and laboratory automation. Complete Genomics developed its own patented DNA nanoball-based sequencing technology DNBSEQ™. Featuring DNBs (DNA NanoBalls) with high signal density on patterned nanoarray to greatly improve detection accuracy and efficiency, DNBSEQ boasts high performance in applications such as WGS (whole-genome sequencing)/WES (whole-exome sequencing) with low duplication rates and higher Indel accuracies. This innovative technology eliminates index hopping and clonal errors during the sequencing step of the workflow, facilitating greater accuracy and flexibility.

Dr. Drmanac introduced a series of DNBSEQ technology-based sequencing platforms that are available in the US market, including DNBSEQ-G400C*, a day-to-day, medium throughput benchtop sequencer that can flexibly support a variety of different sequencing modes, which was launched in the US last year.

As Complete Genomics enters 2023, it offers more innovative sequencing platforms for US customers to power their genomics research and related efforts. These offerings range from low to ultra-high throughput to meet diverse needs, which include:

  • DNBSEQ-E25* as a portable sequencer with a very low throughput of up to 7.5 Gb daily. Easy setup makes it ready to run in ten minutes, coupled with fast turnaround time of ~ 20 hours from DNA samples to FASTQ data. This product will be launched in Q2 2023.
  • DNBSEQ-T7* as an ultra-high throughput sequencer that offers one of the highest flexibilities among sequencers in the market with four independent flow cells running at any time. With an output of 1-7 Tb of high-quality data per day, it can achieve over 20,000 of 30X WGS in less than one year. This highly efficient and cost-effective sequencer is available now.
  • DNBSEQ-T10x4* as one of the world’s largest and highest throughput next generation sequencers available with a robotic arm and data output of up to 18 Tb daily. This product is available now.

Complete Genomics offers products from lab automation to data analysis/storage tools covering the full NGS workflow to accelerate scientific findings and breakthroughs in genomic medicine.

Based on DNBSEQ technology, which makes sequencing much more accurate, flexible and affordable, Complete Genomics has generated great interest within the scientific community and formed partnerships with various life science companies and scientific institutions. In August 2022, its DNBSEQ-G400C sequencer was released in the US with immediate adoption in dozens of customer labs and partnerships with various life science companies, including Sentieon, a developer of highly accurate and optimized algorithms for bioinformatics applications. "Complete Genomics provides high-quality, accurate and accessible products, giving the genomics community a ‘Power of Choice’ in sequencing. We look forward to providing even more innovative platforms through future partnerships to meet the diverse needs of the life science industry," said Jun Ye, CEO of Sentieon.

 "In the past years, we are winning the recognition of more and more US customers through advanced patented technologies, high-quality products, and professional services," said Dr. Drmanac. "We do not just sell products; we enable partners. Through understanding the latest genomics needs of the US market, providing early product access, and fostering collaborations with local partners, we seek to further advance life science and provide customers around the globe withthe right for another choice.’"

Through Complete Genomics new "free three-month trial" program, participating institutions will gain access to selected sequencing platforms. Complete Genomics is offering a money back guarantee if customers are not completely satisfied with their instrument purchase. To further support the financial commitment, Complete Genomics offers qualified professionals the opportunity to apply for the reagent rental leasing program. For further information, please reach out to [email protected].

Complete Genomics takes data security seriously. All DNBSEQ sequencing platforms can work as a stand-alone system from sample to result without any internet connection, so there is no risk of data breaches. Customers will have 100% control of their data security.

About Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics Inc, a subsidiary of MGI Tech Co., Ltd., is a global life science company offering lab automation and a comprehensive high throughput sequencing product portfolio. Founded in 2006 and currently located in San Jose, California, Complete Genomics maintains a demo lab and full supply center with all of the reagents, lab automation equipment and sequencers locally stored for customers. Complete Genomics released its first next-generation sequencing system, the DNBSEQ-G400C* platform in the US, in August 2022. For all sequencer specifications, please visit the Complete Genomics website.

*Unless otherwise informed, StandardMPS and CoolMPS sequencing reagents, and sequencers for use with such reagents, are not available in Germany, Spain, UK, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, and Romania. Unless otherwise informed, StandardMPS sequencing reagents, and sequencers for use with such reagents are not available in Hong Kong.

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