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Connecting Biotech Ecosystems: Success of Los Angeles Event Sets Stage for APAC-US Collaboration

by Bernice Lottering
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Biotech Innovation Funding Networking event. Left to Right: Evan Tsang, Dr. Min-Yi Shih, Dr. Li-Wei Tung, Servina Liu, Thomas Huang, Lawrence Hsu, Louis Chen

Los Angeles, April 6, 2024 – Saturday marked a resounding success as the Biotech Innovation Funding Networking event unfolded in Los Angeles. Hosted by GeneOnline US in collaboration with TiBIA, the event proved to be a magnet for investors and innovators alike, garnering attention from many major companies and industry experts.

The event spotlighted global expertise and networking via a live pitch competition, showcasing top startup talents and marking a promising start for collaborative initiatives and innovative discoveries in biotech. Bringing together entrepreneurs, biotech leaders, and investors to explore new opportunities and advance the biotech ecosystem, its success promises the synergy of joint efforts and advancements in both California and the APAC region.

GeneOnline, a life science oriented company focusing on media and market intelligence, is dedicated to delivering comprehensive healthcare and biopharma insights globally. Through events like the Biotech Innovation Funding Networking, its goal is to bring together industry stakeholders to foster innovation. This time, with support from ScaleHealth, Skylar, Quoroba, Sparklabs, and BCIC, the event showcased global talent and capital convergence. Aiming to bridge Asia-US biotech relations, GeneOnline CEO Thomas Huang’s opening remarks emphasized his vision to foster collaboration and innovation in the global biotech landscape.

“We have established a platform for accessing the latest deals, technologies, and insights in the life science sector. Our efforts have involved assisting companies and technologies in gaining global exposure within the professional demographic. Through events like this, we connect local startups and investors with their counterparts in Asia, helping them grow by accessing diverse markets and forming partnerships.”

From AI to Immunotherapy

The event culminated with the successful pitch-day challenge, highlighting the outstanding talent among start-ups. Participants presented innovative projects, competing for recognition from industry experts and investors. The awarding of two prizes underscored the vast potential within undiscovered talent, signaling the opportune moment to uncover “unicorns,” transformative startups poised to revolutionize the field and achieve billion-dollar success.

In recognition of remarkable innovation, Heroic-Faith Medical Science was honored with the Judges’ Recognition Award for their growth potential, innovation and traction. The company provided a functional model of a deep learning algorithm-powered respiratory monitor, utilizing 1 million pieces of acoustic data labeling, to aid patients affected by pulmonary disease and COVID-19 infection. 

Pitch Competition: The Judge's Award
The Judge’s Award: Heroic Faith Medical Science Representative (Left 4), the judges and the hosts.

Then, to showcase the most pioneering development, Dr. Yemi Onakunle from Mabswitch Inc. was awarded the Best Breakthrough Award for addressing the efficacy and toxicity challenges of antibody redirected T-Cell immunotherapies through a uniquely designed Universal Allosteric-Linker and Switch Module for Antibodies (UNASMATM).

Pitch Competition: The Best Breakthrough Award
The Best Breakthrough Award: Mabswitch Inc’s Representative (Left 3), the judges and the hosts.

A Nexus for Biotech Collaboration Across the US and APAC

The event showcased groundbreaking discoveries and partnerships in biotech, offering a glimpse into the future of life sciences innovation. Positive feedback emphasized its effectiveness in fostering relationships and excitement for collaborations. With GeneOnline leading, expect continued growth and innovation in biotech. Stay tuned for future events and transformative initiatives.

“Stay tuned for future events and transformative initiatives,” Thomas Huang concluded. “We look forward to hosting more events like this around the world, partnering with organizations like this one. Our aim is not only to bring innovative technologies and companies to the US market but also to facilitate connections for US companies with strategic investors and partners globally. Together, we can drive impactful collaborations and advancements in the biotech industry.”

Biotechnology, Innovation, Funding, Networking Event Photo
Event Photo: Attending investors and industry leading experts from the APAC and US.
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