Parexel and Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research Collaborate to Boost Oncology Clinical Trials in Japan

by Sinead Huang
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Parexel, a prominent global clinical research organization (CRO), and the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research (JFCR) have unveiled a strategic alliance aimed at accelerating access to oncology clinical trials in Japan. The collaboration seeks to leverage the strengths of both organizations to enhance patient participation in cancer research.

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JFCR’s Integration into Parexel’s Global Site Alliance Network

As a key component of the agreement, JFCR will become an integral part of Parexel’s Global Site Alliance network. This move designates JFCR as a preferred site for conducting oncology clinical trials, opening up increased opportunities for Japanese patients to engage in cancer research initiatives. By joining forces with JFCR, Parexel aims to streamline patient recruitment and study initiation processes by aligning protocols with Japan’s standard of care and regulatory requirements.

Shigehiro Miki, Parexel Corporate Vice President, and General Manager of Japan emphasized the anticipated rise in cancer incidence in Japan, aligning with global trends. The strategic collaboration with JFCR is driven by a shared commitment to eliminate barriers and facilitate Japanese patients’ access to potentially transformative treatments. The alliance aims to contribute significantly to overcoming challenges in oncology research in Japan.

Patients-First Focus and Global Clinical Innovation

Parexel’s Site Alliance Network, comprising over 480 sites with approximately 21,000 investigators worldwide, plays a pivotal role in the alliance’s strategy. This network is tailored to provide a comprehensive and strategic approach to address critical challenges in the clinical trial pathway. The collaboration with JFCR is an extension of Parexel’s Patients-First focus, reflecting the organization’s dedication to driving clinical innovation, especially in key therapeutic areas like oncology, across the Asia/Pacific region. The alliance builds upon Parexel’s existing relationships with leading sites in the region, reinforcing its commitment to advancing cancer care options and research.

Parexel and JFCR’s strategic alliance signifies a unified effort to advance cancer research in Japan, ultimately benefiting patients and contributing to global oncology knowledge. By integrating JFCR into Parexel’s Global Site Alliance network, the collaboration aims to enhance the efficiency of clinical trials, address the rising cancer incidence, and align protocols with Japan’s healthcare standards. This partnership exemplifies a commitment to patients, clinical innovation, and the shared goal of conquering cancer on a global scale.

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