2023-12-05| Asia-Pacific

PRISM BioLab and Eli Lilly Join Forces in Revolutionary Drug Discovery Collaboration

by Sinead Huang
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PRISM BioLab, a Japanese biotechnology company, has officially entered into a transformative License and Collaboration Agreement with Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly). The collaboration’s primary focus is the discovery of oral inhibitors for protein-protein interaction (PPI) targets. Leveraging PRISM BioLab’s cutting-edge PepMetics® technology, the partnership aims to revolutionize drug discovery by addressing previously undruggable PPIs. 

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The Power of PepMetics®: Propelling Drug Discovery Forward

Under the terms of the agreement, PRISM and Lilly will work hand-in-hand to explore small molecule inhibitors targeting a PPI selected by Lilly. The collaboration allows Lilly the flexibility to include up to two additional targets, with full responsibility for the clinical development and commercialization of resulting products. PRISM BioLab stands to receive upfront payments and could potentially earn up to $660 million in preclinical, clinical, and commercial development milestone payments. Additionally, royalties on product sales further underline the commitment to fruitful collaboration.

Expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration, Dai Takehara, President and CEO of PRISM BioLab, emphasized the potential to reshape drug discovery paradigms. The PepMetics® technology holds the promise of transforming previously undruggable PPIs into accessible targets for small molecules. Collaborating with Lilly, a global pharmaceutical innovator, signifies a crucial step towards expanding the scope of druggable targets, ultimately benefiting patients facing various diseases.

PRISM BioLab’s Commitment and Promising Technology

Located at Shonan iPark, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, PRISM BioLab stands out as a biotechnology trailblazer, utilizing the proprietary PepMetics® technology to develop small molecule inhibitors for PPI targets. The technology, featuring a unique class of molecules mimicking three-dimensional structures, holds potential applications in cancer, autoimmune diseases, fibrosis, and more. Current collaborations with pharmaceutical giants and clinical developments underscore the transformative power of PepMetics®, promising a paradigm shift in the field of drug discovery.

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