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Revolutionizing Typhoid Vaccination: Vaxxas Receives US$3.67 Million Grant from Wellcome for Needle-Free Vaccine Patch Clinical Study

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In a monumental step toward global healthcare accessibility, Vaxxas, a pioneering clinical-stage biotechnology company, has been awarded a substantial grant of US$3.67 million from the esteemed global charitable foundation, Wellcome. The grant aims to support a groundbreaking human clinical study for a second-generation typhoid vaccine delivered through Vaxxas’ revolutionary high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) technology. The collaboration is set to drive progress in vaccine delivery, reduce cost barriers, and potentially transform vaccination campaigns across the world.

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Bridging Health Disparities: Vaxxas Revolutionizes Typhoid Vaccination with Innovative HD-MAP Technology

Typhoid fever, a life-threatening systemic infection caused by Salmonella Typhi, claims the lives of approximately 110,000 people annually, predominantly in lower-income countries where access to adequate water and hygiene facilities is limited. To combat this menace, Vaxxas has partnered with SK bioscience, a notable contributor to vaccine research and development, and the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) to develop an innovative typhoid vaccine. 

This vaccine will be coated on Vaxxas’ HD-MAP, which offers an improved formulation stability at higher temperatures compared to conventional needle and syringe vaccination. This breakthrough feature could potentially address the significant challenges posed by cold-chain distribution and storage, thereby enhancing the vaccine’s accessibility, especially in regions with resource constraints.

Vaxxas HD-MAP Technology Paves the Way for Inclusive Vaccination

The HD-MAP platform’s advantages extend beyond temperature stability. Its simplicity of administration, which might even enable self-administration, has the potential to revolutionize vaccine delivery. This is a vital consideration, particularly in regions with limited medical infrastructure and resources. By addressing both the stability and delivery aspects of vaccines, Vaxxas aims to bridge critical gaps in healthcare accessibility, especially for those most vulnerable, such as children.

The Vaxxas HD-MAP technology has already demonstrated its potential through a series of successful human clinical trials involving over 500 participants. With ongoing Phase I clinical studies for COVID-19, seasonal influenza, and other vaccine trials, the platform is rapidly progressing toward commercialization. The partnership with Wellcome further solidifies Vaxxas’ commitment to advancing global healthcare through cutting-edge technology.

Optimism Fuels Vaxxas-Wellcome Collaboration

Wellcome, known for its commitment to addressing worldwide health challenges, recognizes the potential of Vaxxas’ innovation to impact infectious diseases. Through this grant, Wellcome aims to support discovery research and contribute to finding solutions to the pressing health issues of our time.

Dr. David L. Ho, CEO of Vaxxas, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Wellcome, stating, “This grant reinforces our mission to enhance the performance of vaccines and improve global health outcomes. The potential of the HD-MAP platform to overcome critical barriers in vaccine distribution and administration can make a tangible difference in the lives of millions.”

This visionary partnership between Vaxxas and Wellcome has ignited hope for a future where healthcare reaches every corner of the globe, regardless of limitations. As the two entities work together to unlock the potential of needle-free vaccine delivery, the world inches closer to a future free from the shackles of preventable diseases.

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