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Vertex and Lonza Collaborate to Revolutionize Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

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Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated and Lonza have partnered to revolutionize the treatment of type 1 diabetes (T1D). Their collaboration focuses on stem cell-derived islet cell therapies, particularly the VX-880 and VX-264 programs in clinical trials. Vertex is making remarkable progress in the fight against T1D.

In a recent breakthrough, Vertex’s VX-880 program demonstrated clinical proof-of-concept, showing promising results. All six patients treated with VX-880 not only received islet cells but also produced their own insulin (C-peptide) while improving glycemic control. This achievement offers hope for millions living with T1D and paves the way for further treatment advancements.

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Manufacturing Collaboration: Vertex and Lonza Working Together

To speed up development and commercialization of their therapies, Vertex and Lonza have formed a strategic partnership. Leveraging Lonza’s expertise in cell and gene technologies and operational excellence, Vertex aims to scale up manufacturing and expand patient access.

The collaboration includes establishing a dedicated facility in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, operated by Lonza. This advanced facility, spanning over 130,000 square feet, is expected to create up to 300 jobs at its peak, demonstrating the commitment of both companies to advancing T1D treatment.

Vertex and Lonza Shaping the Future of Care for Type 1 Diabetes

The partnership between Vertex and Lonza marks a significant milestone in transforming T1D treatment. Vertex’s innovation combined with Lonza’s manufacturing capabilities sets the stage for groundbreaking advancements in the lives of T1D patients worldwide.

With their joint efforts, Vertex and Lonza are determined to push the boundaries of T1D care. Through scientific innovation, manufacturing expertise, and a shared dedication to patients, they chart a new path toward improved outcomes and a brighter future for individuals with T1D.

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