2024-01-29| Manufacturing

AbbVie Boosts Global Manufacturing with $223 Million Expansion in Singapore

by Sinead Huang
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AbbVie, a leading pharmaceutical company, has unveiled plans for a substantial expansion of its manufacturing facility in Singapore. Valued at US$223 million, this strategic investment aims to fortify AbbVie’s global manufacturing capabilities, focusing on biologics. The expansion is set to create over 100 jobs and significantly enhance the company’s biologics manufacturing capacity.

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Investment Signals Manufacturing Prowess

AbbVie’s ceremony in Singapore marks a significant step in strengthening its manufacturing capabilities. The US$223 million expansion is geared towards bolstering biologics manufacturing, aligning with AbbVie’s commitment to delivering innovative healthcare solutions globally. This move underscores AbbVie’s dedication to advancing its manufacturing network to meet the evolving demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Situated in Singapore’s Tuas Biomedical Park, AbbVie’s existing manufacturing facility has been a key player in the company’s global operations. The US$223 million investment represents an extension of AbbVie’s decade-long commitment to Singapore. Azita Saleki-Gerhardt, AbbVie’s Executive Vice President, emphasizes the importance of this expansion, reinforcing the company’s decade-long partnership with the Government of Singapore.

Empowering Global Pipeline and Strengthening Ecosystem

The expansion in Singapore will introduce 24,000 liters of biologics drug-substance capacity to AbbVie’s global manufacturing network. This added capacity is crucial for supporting existing products and facilitating the production of emerging immunology and oncology compounds within AbbVie’s pipeline. AbbVie aims to fulfill patient commitments by ensuring a robust and responsive manufacturing infrastructure.

AbbVie’s investment in Singapore signifies confidence in the country’s biopharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities. When fully operational, the expanded facility will employ over 500 professionals in various roles, contributing to manufacturing, quality assurance, supply chain, engineering, and administration. The Singapore Economic Development Board recognizes AbbVie’s investment as a testament to the city-state’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem and job creation.

The expansion project is slated to commence construction later this year, with operations expected to commence in 2026. AbbVie’s commitment to fortifying its Singapore facility reflects not only a strategic business decision but also a dedication to advancing global healthcare.

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