Biotech Showcase 2024: A Wave of Innovation Washes Over Healthcare’s Future (Neurology and Psychiatry Sector)

by Oscar Wu
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In episode two of Biotech Showcase 2024, GeneOnline has rounded up a series of companies’ which focus on the Neurology and Psychiatry area, highlighted in alphabetical order for the readers to catch up with the wave of innovative ideas and how the companies put them into reality.

Neurological disease is the relative chronic conditions, gradually affects the patient’s life for different aspects, from physiological to mental status, making it more complicated to diagnose than other diseases. Apart from this, living in longer lifespan modern society, despite we no longer to afraid the life threaten events, the challenge has became inward, thus the precision neurology and psychiatry will play a pivotal role especially this moment.

(Sources from press releases, organize by GeneOnline)


BRAIN4CARE presented their non-invasive brain monitoring technology, a step-change in neurological care. Their FDA-cleared system, which allows for a non-intrusive gauge of intracranial pressure, is set to transform the monitoring standards and patient care in neurology, intensive care, and emergency medicine.

FloraWorks Holdings Inc. is charting a path in cannabinoid therapeutics, focusing on disorders like sleep disturbances and Alzheimer’s. Their presentation highlighted the TruCBN™ product and their search for bridge capital to advance their research platform.

InnoMedica Holding AG presented its promising drug, Talineuren, designed to alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms, offering regenerative effects to affected nerve cells. The drug’s distinguishing factor, GM1 ganglioside, is its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, an achievement that signifies a potential paradigm shift in treating Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. The company’s nano drug delivery system is also being utilized in oncology, with Talidox undergoing advanced clinical trials.

L&J Bio, Co, Ltd, based in Seoul, participated virtually to highlight their Series A Investment and Licensing opportunities. They presented a Dual Action Disease Modifying Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease, which uniquely decreases both Aβ aggregation and Tau neurofibrillary tangle. Ho June Lee, the CEO, emphasized this as a significant opportunity for funding and collaboration with larger pharmaceutical entities.

MindImmune Therapeutics, a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, announced the addition of Brad Margus and Robert Michael Poole, MD, FACP, to its Board of Directors. With their extensive experience and expertise, they are expected to guide MindImmune in advancing its neuroinflammation targeting therapies, particularly for Alzheimer’s disease. The company’s focus on inhibiting immune cell recruitment in response to brain pathology represents a novel therapeutic approach that could transform the treatment landscape for neurodegenerative diseases.

NeuroGeneces, Inc., based in Santa Fe, NM, is transforming brain health assessment. Karen Crow, Cofounder and CEO discussed their NeuroInsight™ assessment tool. NeuroGeneces is pioneering in detecting brain decline up to two decades before symptoms manifest. This early detection encourages timely lifestyle changes, potentially altering the course of neurodegenerative diseases.

Path Biotech, a precision medicine company from Phoenix, presented their AI-driven approach to curing deadly human diseases. Dr. Rui Chang, Founder of PATH BIOTECH, introduced their proprietary Precision Medicine Artificial Intelligence Therapeutics (PATH) platform. The platform integrates multi-omics data to develop novel therapeutics for Alzheimer’s, cancer, and aging. The company is advancing towards clinical studies in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, underpinned by a highly interdisciplinary team with extensive research experience.

Progenicyte Therapeutics, Inc. is at the forefront of Alzheimer’s treatment, showcasing a novel approach combining a small molecule compound with an Amyloid Precursor Protein inhibitor. This combination aims to enhance endogenous stem cell production, potentially revolutionizing Alzheimer’s treatment by boosting neurogenesis. Their unique strategy, diverging from traditional methods targeting Tau Proteins or Amyloid Beta, has shown remarkable effectiveness in preclinical studies.

Rejuvenate Biomed‘s clinical-stage company is dedicated to delaying the onset of age-related diseases, with a focus on sarcopenia—a musculoskeletal disease characterized by the loss of skeletal muscle strength and mass. Their lead candidate, RJx-01, a combination of galantamine and metformin, demonstrated positive results in a Phase 1b trial for disuse-induced muscle atrophy in elderly subjects. This trial’s success paves the way for a Phase 2 program in sarcopenia treatment in 2024, marking a critical step in addressing this prevalent condition.

Zyvran Pharmaceutical Inc., a CNS-focused clinical stage drug repurposing startup, is making waves with its unique approach to treating dementia. Dr. Taghogho Agarin’s presentation highlights the potential of Zyvran’s combination drug, which exhibits neuroplastic effects and offers a novel mechanism in dementia drug development. Zyvran’s commitment to CNS diseases is evident in its comprehensive approach and expertise in clinical research and patient care.


Brainify.AI, under the leadership of CEO Mariam Khayretdinova, presented its AI and ML platform designed to revolutionize antidepressant development. The platform, which analyzes EEG data to predict treatment outcomes, aims to significantly improve clinical trial success rates and assist in developing personalized treatments for depression. The successful investment round led by industry leaders VC and the acceptance into Merck Digital Sciences Studio mark a significant milestone for Brainify.AI in the field of precision psychiatry.

EpiVario Inc. announced its venture into pioneering therapeutics for substance use disorders, focusing on the epigenetic regulation of memory formation. Their work on Acetyl CoA Synthetase 2 (ACSS2) inhibitors holds promise for addressing a spectrum of substance dependencies and PTSD.

Parow Entheobiosciences (ParowBio), a Chicago-based biotech company, is pioneering the development of entheogen-based compounds for psychiatric disorders. Leonard Lerer, founder and COO, discussed their advanced preclinical development of a psilocybin-tryptamine combination aimed at providing non-hallucinogenic treatment for conditions like depression and OCD. ParowBio’s approach avoids the barriers associated with psychedelic experiences, focusing on creating accessible and effective treatments.

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