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Building Bridges at the Brand-New Chugai Life Science Park

by Sherry Hsiao
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Launched in April 2023, Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama stands as a pioneering research center, leading the way in next-gen antibody technologies, nucleic acid drug R&D, and advanced drug development techniques. With its integration of AI and robotics, this eco-conscious facility embodies maximum efficiency.

In a significant stride towards cultivating international collaborations within the life sciences sector, a delegation from Taiwan embarked on a visit to Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama on October 10th. The primary objective was to foster discussions and exchanges with the potential to give rise to collaborations between Chugai Pharma and Taiwanese biotech entities.

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Chugai Pharma: Pioneers in Pharmaceutical Innovation

Chugai Pharma, a prominent Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company, is celebrated for its groundbreaking work in antibody engineering. It currently dominates the antibody sales market in Japan and holds a leading position in the realm of oncology treatments. Recent years have seen Chugai Pharma bordened its horizons, encompassing mid-size molecule drugs and the concept of Personalized Healthcare (PHC).

Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama: Advancing Research Excellence

Launched in April 2023, Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama epitomizes a state-of-the-art research center solely dedicated to next-generation antibody technologies, nucleic acid drug research and development, and intermediate drug/new drug development techniques. Outfitted with cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence and automated robotics, the facility is architected for peak efficiency while upholding energy conservation principles. Comprising 16 buildings and serving as the workplace for nearly 1,000 employees, it seamlessly amalgamates research centers from Shizuoka and Kanagawa prefectures. Representing a total investment of 123.7 billion Japanese yen, Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama remains committed to green innovation, embodied in its core concept: “Green Innovation Village: State-of-the-art laboratories surrounded by greenery.”

The Delegation and Its Goals: Fostering Collaborations

The Taiwan Delegation comprised representatives from diverse biotech organizations, including the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office (BPIPO), the Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB), TaiMed Biologics, Taiwan Bio Industry Organization, UnicoCell Biomed, Bora Biologics, Spirit Scientific, LumiSTAR Biotechnology, Precisely Printed Medical, TFBS Bioscience, Academia Sinica – BioHub Taiwan, CellTech Innovation, and GeneOnline.

The visit was highlighted by a guided tour led by Chugai Pharma, affording the Taiwan delegation the invaluable opportunity to explore the campus and gain firsthand insights into the advanced facilities.
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