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Health Innovations Acquires a Singapore-based Startup, Strengthening Digital Healthcare

by Sinead Huang
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Health Innovations, a consortium of practicing medical doctors affiliated with GP+ cooperative, has announced its successful acquisition of AskDr, a prominent digital health startup based in Singapore. This strategic merger has positioned the group to make a significant impact on healthcare across the Asia Pacific region, a particularly pertinent development as Singapore transitions to a value-based care system known as “Healthier SG.”

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AskDr’s Valuable Contribution

AskDr, led by founder Mr. Brian Toh and co-founder Dr. Dinesh Visva Gunasekeran, gained recognition for its innovative online health community (OHC) platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. This platform facilitated patient access to trusted medical advice and personalized health information while addressing medical misinformation and providing remote professional medical training.

AskDr achieved noteworthy revenue growth, attracting Fortune 500 customers, including AstraZeneca, GSK, and Roche. The acquisition will enable AskDr to reach a broader audience, offering accurate health information and empowering doctors to combat medical misinformation on a larger scale.

Empowering Digital Healthcare  

Health Innovations’ acquisition of AskDr, though undisclosed in sum, unites a team of highly skilled doctors, entrepreneurs, and health technology experts. Their common goal is to enhance patient care and empower individuals to actively manage their health journeys.

Dr. Gunasekeran, one of the co-founders with prior digital health experience and recognition in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, expresses the motivation to solve patient-related problems and improve healthcare during the pandemic.

Transforming the Digital Health Landscape

The integration of AskDr’s technology and expertise with Health Innovations’ established practices is poised to reshape the digital healthcare landscape in the Asia Pacific. Dr. Gerard Lin, Director of Health Innovations, anticipates accelerating the adoption of innovative digital solutions, enabling professional training, delivering reliable patient information, and improving access to high-quality healthcare services throughout the region.

This strategic acquisition marks a significant step forward in the advancement of digital healthcare across the Asia Pacific region.

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