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Strengthening Asia’s Vaccine Distribution: A Transformative Collaboration between Zuellig Pharma and GSK

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Zuellig pharma, located in Singapore, announced its partnership to work with GSK to improve Asia’s vaccine distribution. Both pharma companies will work together to create a distribution hub, which would enhance availability, distribution, and affordability of vaccines. The new hub will be stationed in Singapore, and will be connected to 13 markets across Asia-Pacific. 

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Partnership Mechanism 

Being present in the Asian market for quite a while, Zuellig Pharma has warehouses spread across Asia. They specialize in pharmaceutical logistics, being able to present solutions for warehousing, pick & pack, and most importantly efficiency in their deliveries throughout Asia. GSK vaccine demand in Asia has multiplied. It has one of the most varied vaccine portfolios. Two million of the company’s vaccines are administered everyday around the world. 

In this collaboration, Zuellig will provide GSK with solutions on their Asia supply chain. Zuellig ensures the vaccines will always be kept on temperature control, to ensure the quality and viability. Thanks to the strategic location GSK products, which have always looked for ways to improve healthcare around the world, will be able to reach remote areas. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint, Embracing Sea Transport to Achieve Climate Goals

To avoid significant carbon emissions, the distribution hub will solely utilize sea transport instead of air transport. By adopting this method of transportation the carbon emission of the project will be 30% less than the estimated amount from air transportation. This was an important aspect for both companies, but especially for Zuellig. The Singaporean company has set an aim of net zero impact on climate by 2030. By changing the mode of transportation the company will align with their new goals related to climate change. 

Security and Blockchain Technology

One of the highlights of GSK working with Zuellig Pharma is the security patients will have knowing the vaccines can be traceable. Thanks to Zuellig Pharma’s blockchain technology, the company employs the use of eZTracker to ensure an end to end blockchain. Because of this, patients can be sure about the safety of the product they receive. This solution addresses the rising problem of counterfeit products which are present in Asia. 

Empowering Asia’s Public Health through Strategic Collaboration

The partnership between Zuellig Pharma and GSK in establishing a distribution hub in Singapore will definitely enhance vaccine distribution in Asia. By using sea transport to reduce carbon emissions, adopting blockchain technology for traceability, and ensuring vaccine security, this collaboration promises improved availability and distribution of vaccines, making a positive impact on public health. 

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