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Singapore Health Tech Startup Mesh Bio Raises Funds to Tackle Chronic Diseases

by Sinead Huang
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Singaporean health tech startup, Mesh Bio, has successfully secured an undisclosed investment from East Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm in Southeast Asia. Mesh Bio specializes in developing digital solutions to enhance the management of chronic diseases through predictive analytics. The received funding is earmarked for advancing their digital twin technologies dedicated to chronic disease management. The company is strategically focused on expanding its services across Southeast Asian nations, with specific attention to Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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Battling the Growing Challenge of Chronic Diseases

The prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), commonly referred to as chronic diseases, is a mounting concern in Southeast Asia. These diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, have become a significant contributor to health issues and development challenges in the region. Alarmingly, NCDs account for a staggering 62% of all deaths in Southeast Asia, impacting the lives of approximately 9 million individuals. This surge in chronic diseases poses a multifaceted problem, including the complex management of patients suffering from these conditions.

One of the pressing issues is the scarcity of specialist doctors who can provide tailored care for chronic diseases. As a result, general practitioners, who might lack specialized training in managing these specific conditions, are often responsible for handling these intricate cases. Mesh Bio’s innovative approach aims to alleviate this challenge by introducing cutting-edge digital solutions that empower healthcare practitioners to address the burgeoning issue of chronic diseases effectively.

Transforming Chronic Disease Management

Mesh Bio’s Health Intelligence Platform, known as DARA, is at the forefront of this transformative healthcare initiative. DARA is designed to offer real-time, multidimensional patient data, which encompasses vital information like health history, lab test results, and medical images. This extensive patient data is harnessed to create a patient-centric visual report, enabling healthcare professionals to provide more informed and personalized care. Patients themselves can better understand their laboratory reports and the chronic diseases they are living with.

Moreover, DARA leverages predictive analytics to identify patients at risk of chronic diseases, facilitating early diagnosis and intervention. This not only enhances patient outcomes but also helps in the efficient allocation of healthcare resources. DARA® goes a step further by enabling doctors to tap into a global community of healthcare practitioners. By sharing clinical best practices, guidelines, and holistic patient assessments, it promotes knowledge exchange and fosters better patient care.

The Vision for Better Healthcare

Mesh Bio’s vision aligns with the increasing need for predictive analytics and preventive healthcare in society. Predictive analytics can offer numerous benefits, including early diagnosis, personalized care, and the efficient utilization of healthcare resources. As they lead the charge with their digital twin engine, Mesh Bio is poised to revolutionize healthcare in the Southeast Asian region.

Willson Cuaca, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at East Ventures, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. He believes that Mesh Bio’s innovative approach and cutting-edge technology can lay the foundation for a better healthcare system in the region. By embracing predictive analytics and preventive healthcare, Mesh Bio has the potential to make a substantial impact on society. Their collaboration with East Ventures signifies a promising step toward a brighter and healthier future in healthcare.

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