The South Korean Company Revolutionizing Home-Use Medical Devices

by Sinead Huang
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Hexainnoheal, a South Korean home-use medical device manufacturer, is making waves in the healthcare industry with its cutting-edge pain therapy products. Since its establishment in 2019, Hexainnoheal has been dedicated to the development and distribution of personal medical devices that utilize Low-Level Lasers, LED lighting, and electric current. Among its flagship products, PainQ stands out as an innovative solution for at-home pain management.

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PainQ – A Cutting-Edge Pain Management Device

Hexainnoheal’s flagship product, PainQ, has taken the spotlight as a home-use healthcare device tailored for pain therapy. What sets PainQ apart is its multifaceted approach to pain management, which combines the power of Low-Level Lasers, LED lighting, and low-frequency stimulation functions. The device harnesses the potential of Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL laser) at wavelengths of 940 nm (42 rays) and 850 nm (42 rays), alongside LED light at 642 nm (42 rays), enabling deep penetration into the user’s skin tissue. This results in intensive care directly targeted at the painful area, offering effective pain relief.

PainQ is highly customizable with an adjustable intensity range spanning from level 0 to level 5. This feature allows users to tailor their pain therapy experience to match their specific needs and preferences. Additionally, its portable and lightweight design makes it convenient to wear as a belt, providing users the flexibility to treat various areas of discomfort. From easing shoulder pain to wrist and waist discomfort, PainQ empowers users to take control of their pain management.

Hexainnoheal’s Focus on Managing Rhinitis and Global Expansion

Hexainnoheal is not only pioneering pain management solutions but also addressing rhinitis through its home-use health device, CobiQ, which delivers near-infrared light sources of two different wavelengths into the nasal cavity, promoting cell regeneration in the inflamed area, and thus effectively managing rhinitis.

One of Hexainnoheal’s key objectives is to expand its presence in international markets. The company has ambitious global marketing plans, with a particular focus on penetrating overseas export markets, especially in North America and Europe. In July of this year, CobiQ was launched on Amazon, and since then, it has been making significant strides in global sales. The product has received positive feedback from consumers in the United States, a testament to its effectiveness.

Hexainnoheal’s Ongoing Dedication to Customer-Centric Innovation

The CEO of Hexainnoheal emphasizes the company’s unwavering commitment to its customers. He states, “We are constantly communicating with our customers and making continuous efforts to improve existing devices and develop new products.” As part of this commitment, Hexainnoheal is actively working on a new product, Flexible PainQ, which aims to address the limitations of the existing PainQ.

Unlike its predecessor, Flexible PainQ boasts a unique feature—it can bend freely. This enhanced flexibility is expected to make it more effective in providing relief for pain in smaller and intricate areas like the wrists. Hexainnoheal’s pursuit of innovation reflects its dedication to improving the lives of individuals suffering from pain.

Hexainnoheal is revolutionizing home-use medical devices with its advanced pain therapy solutions. Through PainQ and CobiQ, the Korean company has demonstrated its commitment to addressing pain and rhinitis, improving the quality of life for users globally. As the company expands its reach to North America and Europe, Hexainnoheal’s positive reception in the United States highlights the global impact of their innovative products. With the introduction of Flexible PainQ and their dedication to customer-centric innovation, Hexainnoheal is poised to continue making significant strides in the healthcare industry, offering effective solutions to those in need of at-home medical care.

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