Vietnam and South Korea Strengthen Cooperation in Multiple Sectors

by Sinead Huang
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On September 14, Vietnam, led by Nguyen Thi Thanh, welcomed a delegation from the Republic of Korea’s National Assembly. This meeting took place in preparation for the 9th Global Conference for Young Parliamentarians set to commence on September 15 in Hanoi. During the gathering, Thanh highlighted the importance of friendly and cooperative relations between the two nations, emphasizing Vietnam’s longstanding commitment to strengthening ties with Korea.

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A Bilateral Meeting to Boost Cosmetics Exports

Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) has initiated a bilateral collaboration meeting with Vietnam’s Drug Administration (DAV), which operates under the Ministry of Health, to enhance support for cosmetics exports. This strategic partnership aligns with the “Action Plan to Implement Comprehensive Strategic Partnership,” which emerged during President Yoon Suk Yeol’s visit to Vietnam in June. The primary objective is to expand collaborative efforts in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors into the realm of cosmetics.

Korea stands as the leading exporter of cosmetic products to Vietnam within the Southeast Asian region, with Vietnam ranking fifth globally in terms of volume for Korean cosmetics exports. Recent years have witnessed a surge in export volume to the Vietnamese market, solidifying its position as a vital gateway for diverse exports. The MFDS has actively engaged in gathering feedback from companies and addressing challenges faced in the export of Korean cosmetic products to Vietnam. During the upcoming collaboration meeting, proposals will be made to streamline export procedures, including adjustments to dossier requirements for Vietnamese regulatory authorities, and establish a framework for regular meetings between MFDS and DAV.

Promoting Parliamentary Cooperation and Economic Collaboration

During the discussions, the Korean delegation expressed their commitment to enhancing exchange activities and expanding cooperative relations between the legislative bodies of Korea and Vietnam. Ji Seongho, a member of the Environment and Labor Committee of Korea’s National Assembly, proposed that both countries continue their coordination efforts to effectively implement the contents of the cooperation agreement signed between their respective National Assemblies in 2013. Additionally, Ji recommended exploring the possibility of signing a new cooperation agreement tailored to the content of the comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and Korea.

This meeting also emphasized the importance of maintaining regular contact through the exchange of delegations and promoting the sharing of experiences in parliamentary activities. Furthermore, Vietnam’s National Assembly extended an invitation to Korea’s National Assembly to encourage Korean businesses to forge stronger connections with their Vietnamese counterparts.

In conclusion, Vietnam and Korea are actively pursuing collaborative initiatives across multiple sectors, including legislative cooperation, economic ties, and streamlined exports, further solidifying their comprehensive strategic partnership. These efforts are poised to foster enhanced relations between the two nations in the years ahead.

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