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Amazon Pharmacy Implements Automated Discount Coupons Which Improved Insulin Affordability

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Amazon pharmacy has started implementing automatic coupons on insulin and diabetes care related products. The manufacturers sponsoring these coupons are Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, Eli Lilly, Insulet, Dexcom. Now patients can buy insulin vials, pens, pumps, and continuous glucose monitors for a lower price. Aside from the discounted rate, another big plus is that customers have free delivery from Amazon Pharmacy. 

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Transparency is key 

Diabetes affects one in 10 americans. 37 million Americans who are in need of insulin cannot afford it. In most pharmacies a vial of insulin can be pretty costly. Because of this many manufacturers have been looking for ways to lower the cost of their products. The problem arises when the pharmacies still charge the same rate as before. Another issue occurs when costumes have troubles when trying to cash in their coupons. It is estimated 85% of the coupons manufacturers have offered before go unused. Therefore amazon has made them automatic at the time of checkout. Like this the coupons will be guaranteed to be used and customers will not worry if they are missing any potential savings. 

Since march this year various manufacturers like Novo, Sanofi and Lilly made a public announcement they would cut insulin prices by 70% by 2024. Despite Lilly already starting with its insulin saving program which reduces the price of an insulin vial to $25 dollars, pharmacies were still offering insulin vials for $330. Many patients were not even told cheaper options were available. The problem was the lack of transparency. Now patients will know of the lowest price available and be able to see all the options available. 

Addressing Insulin Affordability

Most clients when going to the pharmacies do not know the prices available because the prices are not on display at pharmacies. They are not able to make an informed decision. Which is key especially in the healthcare area. It is up to the pharmacist attending the customer if they offer the cheaper option or if they even know which one it is. Most customers know the product’s price until they are at the cashier. “It’s exciting to know that patients will now have instant access to discounts on many of the most commonly prescribed insulin brands and diabetes care products available, plus, we are offering a broad selection that will support the needs of a wide patient population.” said Andrew Vo, a pharmacist with Amazon Pharmacy. 

Everything Amazon Pharmacy Is offering To its Customers 

Manufacturer-provided coupons are on hand at Amazon Pharmacy, covering items related to diabetes care, insulin, and a variety of brand-name treatments tailored for conditions like COPD and obesity. Beyond these automated discount options, Amazon Pharmacy boasts several strategies to enhance efficiency in both time and cost associated with prescription medications. A novel addition to their services is the RxPass subscription, designed specifically for Prime members, carrying a nominal fee of just $5 monthly. This subscription model accommodates a comprehensive range of eligible medications aligned with the user’s prescription needs. 

Alternatively, members with Prime subscription can tap into the Prime prescription savings advantage, an appended feature with no supplementary charges. This benefit extends the opportunity to access substantial discounts, reaching up to 80% for generic medications and 40% for brand-name equivalents. These discounts remain valid at a wide network of over 60,000 participating pharmacies scattered nationwide, encompassing not only Amazon Pharmacy but also the PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy initiative.

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