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Nikon Strengthens Global Presence in Drug Discovery with New BioImaging Labs

by Sinead Huang
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Nikon Instruments Inc. (Nikon) has expanded its commitment to drug discovery and development by establishing the Nikon BioImaging Lab Lexington in Massachusetts, USA, and the Nikon Healthcare R&D Center at Shonan Health Innovation Park in Japan. These facilities will focus on research and development, providing essential services for drug discovery support. This move reinforces Nikon’s dedication to fostering innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the global pharmaceutical and research communities.

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Advanced Facilities to Drive Innovation

Nikon’s strategic expansion includes the establishment of the Nikon BioImaging Lab Lexington in the USA and the Nikon Healthcare R&D Center in Japan. These facilities are integral parts of Nikon’s global network, designed to deliver research and development functions as well as specialized support for drug discovery. Equipped with advanced microscopes and wet lab facilities, the labs aim to provide effective solutions for a range of needs, from cell culture to imaging-based studies and bioassays. The newly inaugurated Nikon BioImaging Lab Lexington stands out as the largest and most comprehensive facility of its kind, reinforcing Nikon’s commitment to advancing bioassay development.

Imaging-based technologies play a pivotal role in various stages of drug discovery and therapeutic development. Nikon recognizes the significance of technological advancements in microscope design and emerging technologies like AI-enhanced image processing, spatial omics, and 3D cell culture systems. These innovations enable the generation of information-rich data crucial for efficient drug discovery. Nikon’s medium-term management plan emphasizes harnessing these technologies to provide robust support for drug discovery processes, making the establishment of the BioImaging Lab Lexington and the Healthcare R&D Center timely and strategic.

Collaboration with Industry and Academia

Nikon has been actively expanding its global network, establishing BioImaging Labs in key regions such as Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Shonan Health Innovation Park in Japan. These labs, along with the Leiden BioScience Park in the Netherlands, serve as essential hubs for collaborating with biopharma companies and startups. They are fully equipped with cutting-edge instruments and staffed by experienced scientists who collaborate closely with customers to address their unique needs.

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