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BIO Asia-Taiwan 2023: Crossing Borders, Establishing a Global Biotech Ecosystem

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On July 27, the highly anticipated session of the Bio Asia-Taiwan 2023 conference, titled “Crossing Borders, Establishing a Global Biotech Ecosystem,” turned the spotlight on Taiwan’s thriving biotechnology sector. The session, featuring distinguished speakers, engaging panel discussions, and thought-provoking talks, underscored the critical importance of global cooperation and innovation in shaping the future of healthcare.

Erick Y. Chuang, General Director of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), took the stage to deliver the opening remarks. He emphasized the significance of integrating resources to establish a strong biotechnology network. Chuang discussed industrial technology advancements in Taiwan, including semiconductors, ICD metals, and plastics, which are poised to play a critical role in the development of biotech solutions. He emphasized the potential of Taiwan’s collaborative efforts to create a lasting impact on the global biotech industry.

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Strengthening Medical Supply Chains: A USA-Taiwan Collaboration

The American Institute in Taiwan’s Commercial Officer, Jeffrey Dutton, emphasizes the successful cooperation between the two countries in the healthcare industry. He praised the collaborative efforts in developing COVID-19 therapies and securing reliable medical supplies from Taiwan to the USA as well as the two countries’ strong medical supply chains. The significance of international collaboration to address global health concerns was emphasized by Dutton’s words.

Enhancing Taiwan’s Biomedical R&D Capacity Through International Collaboration

The General Director of the Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories (BDL) at ITRI, Eric Y. Chuang, spoke on the topic of Taiwan’s commitment to promoting global partnerships in biomedical research and development. Chuang highlighted Taiwan’s ability to succeed in international markets, notably in the fields of precision medicine and smart healthcare. The potential for cooperation and research collaborations was highlighted, demonstrating Taiwan’s is going to play a significant role in the global biotech ecosystem.

Innovation: The Winning Formula for Competitiveness

Representatives from Ethicon Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Sipra Bond, and Arthur Stephen presented insights into the winning formula for developing MedTech solutions in the face of macroeconomic disruptions in the industry. Their presentation highlighted the vital role innovation plays in fostering competitiveness in the biotech sector. 

Stephen emphasized J&J’s credo of customer-first approach, quality, and value delivery, showcasing the vascular staples Echelon Flex 35 as an example. Bond discussed the challenges faced by the MedTech industry due to macroeconomic disruptions and highlighted the importance of resilient partnerships and innovation. She also pointed out the opportunities for collaboration in Taiwan to achieve competitiveness in the evolving MedTech landscape.

Panel Discussion: Crossing Borders, Establishing a Global Biotech Ecosystem

The panel discussion was moderated by Chii-Wann Lin, Senior Research Consultant at BDL, ITRI. The panelists included Sipra Bond, Arthur Stephen, Jane Liu (Founder and Chairwoman, New Deantronics Taiwan Ltd.), and Ian Wang (Leader of EY Taiwan Biotech Industry, Ernst & Young).

The panelists shared their perspectives on global trends affecting the biotech industry and discussed Taiwan’s capabilities for international collaboration. Jane Liu emphasized the importance of quality and patient comfort in electrical surgery, while Ian Wang praised the high-quality talent pool in Taiwan available at a relatively low cost. Sipra Bond highlighted Taiwan’s digital strength, precision machinery, and manufacturing capability as ideal assets for fruitful collaboration, while Arthur Stephen commended Taiwan’s integrity, passion, and innovation capabilities as secret ingredients for success.

The discussion also delved into the future of success in the biotech industry. The panelists stressed the significance of market research, offering total solutions, government incentives, and strong collaborations with universities. They collectively underscored the importance of fostering young talent to drive innovation in the field. 

Overall, this session at BIO Asia-Taiwan 2023 showcased Taiwan’s commitment to establishing a global biotech ecosystem through innovation, collaboration, and dedication to revolutionizing healthcare.

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